What Anime Am I Ashamed I Enjoyed?

Well this is quite a humiliating question and therefore a difficult one to answer. Most people would normally just talking about something they used to like e.g. SAO (even though they still secretly like it) but the truth for me is that I like every show that I’ve liked for valid reasons.  I’ve never enjoyed sword art online because I just found it boring, so I can’t really bring in that to talk about, I guess it’s because I’m really not ashamed of the anime that I’ve enjoyed.

Well that sounds good in concept but in practice it never really works. No-matter how steadfast you are in your opinion that (insert common guilty pleasure show) is your favourite you will feel bad about it in certain situations.

One thing that I used to be ashamed to admit liking was heavens lost property, a harem comedy with angel fights. I enjoyed it a lot but I always thought it was bad, until I saw a YouTube series where the creator analysed the show, proving its value to me. This learning experience made me learn that I’m at least valid in my interests no matter what, it’s a matter of taste.

So I should really be answering, which anime am I ashamed I found interesting enough to continue. Or should I say, which anime’s.


So when everyone is criticising Zankyou No Terror for going down the toilet I have to feel ashamed for not really feeling the same way. The show was enjoyable to me for its aesthetic and cool visuals and the story which was set up well. It felt continuously interesting to me for a very long time as I became very invested in the characters and events.

I didn’t think that everything made sense in the show and I noticed some of the plot holes but I didn’t really think it made it so much worse. I also thought that my expectations for the series were a whole lot different from everyone else’s.

When I see some terrorists who are still in high school, are able to raid and obtain a lethal weapon from an isolated fortress in the middle of nowhere and upload a YouTube video about it, I don’t really have high expectations for realism or for things to make sense all the time. I also don’t see a plot which will become massively interesting or mind-blowing either, I didn’t feel any hope for the future of the series as I couldn’t really see where it was going.


So in a way, I expected it to lower in quality as time continued, I don’t even know if it did lower in quality – most people just say it did without explaining why.

So this is one that I’m ashamed for liking just because I don’t have the same opinion as other people do about the show. A much bigger and more interesting question in my opinion is the opposite. Which anime are you ashamed you disliked? And theirs way too many of these than I would like, I will list them here so that you can criticise me for not being “with it”.


Neon Genesis Evangellion – I watched three episodes and thought they were boring so I didn’t carry on.

Lucky Star and Gintama – They’re not at all funny.

Yuri On Ice – I really didn’t care for the characters and didn’t find ice skating interesting.

Gurren Lagann – I actually got 8 episodes in but I really didn’t care about the show at all. The characters felt dull and tropey and I realised I found it massively boring when I didn’t care at all that a character died (and everyone else cared). Mech fights and action isn’t really my thing anyway.

Your Lie In April – I’m not actually ashamed of disliking this. I just wanted to make the statement that this show is boring and awful. The reason being that I just don’t care enough, I watched 6 episodes and nothing happened so I couldn’t be bothered to watch anymore.

Fullmetal Alchemist and the opining episodes of FMA:B – They were just really boring to me, can you notice a bit of a pattern here? Maybe I have a short attention span but maybe I also disregard premises that I don’t really have any inherent interest in.

FLCL – Why the hell do people like this so much? I don’t get it at all. The episodes drag on and on and nothing really seems to happen that’s notable or of much interest. It’s an art house show but I don’t have any interest in the message that it’s trying to say, especially since I didn’t notice anything in the first three episodes. I don’t get it and it really doesn’t strike me as something which is “easy to get” making me wonder what I’m missing since everyone seems to like it.

Fate/Zero – I think you could use a lot of the previous points that I’ve said and apply it to this one.

CLANNAD – Yet again I just felt like saying how much I hate this series. The fact that a show can have so many fans, yet spend 12 episodes giving star fish away (only to have them vanish) baffles me.

Another – I understand that people can dislike horror shows due to fear but this anime does nothing to create suspense or tension if you take away the music. It’s so blatantly obvious that nothing scary will happen so it’s annoying to hear constant “scary” music in the background for no reason at all. It’s also a boring show but I was determined to stick it out because of a certain scene in episode three. Well read my post on gore anime if you want to know how that went (spoiler it wasn’t actually gore)

All Ghibli films that I’ve seen (except for a few)– They’re completely uninteresting to me.

Re:Zero – This was actually average in my opinion but It would probably still offend people that I don’t like it as much as them.

Tokyo Ghoul – Just felt boring and uninteresting.

I just want to say that boring and uninteresting aren’t the same thing as something can be boring yet interesting. My example here is shin sekai yori which I found interesting and boring. The world and ideas are really interesting but the show just feels so slow and tired for most of the time.

So there you go, you’ve seen some anime that I’m ashamed I liked and many more anime that I’m ashamed I didn’t like. I’m pretty sure you think that I have terrible taste by now so I’ll leave you with the comment that I am open to have my mind changed if you are that persuasive.


6 thoughts on “What Anime Am I Ashamed I Enjoyed?

  1. I’m never ahamed of things I like or the things I don’t like. I just love that these kind of mediums exists at all and I love how people can have such different reactions to the same thing. Instead of getting triggered when somebody hates something I like, I am fascinated to hear more on why.

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    • Absolutely, me too but I wish more people were like that. I’m not ashamed for all of them but a lot of them might just need a bit of patience to finish and I’m ashamed I can’t be bothered to put that in.


  2. FLCL is about being a teenager. All the art is about coming of age, in metaphor mostly. When you’re older you might understand it better. Many people understand the metaphors, and the “Never Knows Best” kinky girlfriend abandoned by the older brother, and the kinkier alien girlfriend who only likes the guy for his occasional superpower eruptions are both metaphors about how women are damaged, which when you’re older or more experienced, will make a LOT more sense. You will have an “OOOOHH, so THAT’S what that means” moment someday. Most of us do.

    Your Lie In April is about coming to terms with guilt over a parent’s death from cancer, and how its screwed up the guy really badly. Its also a combination remake of both Honey and Clover (second season) and Nodame Cantabile, with a chaser of cancer, and the torment of Glen Gould (famous tormented pianist the story is based on). Lose a family member to cancer and it will make more sense to you in context. The music and the motivations behind it are impressive, but you have to be familiar with it to understand. If you haven’t listened to Classical it probably won’t make much sense.

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    • Yeah I really hope your right because it would explain a lot of the appeal for the FLCL, I don’t really mind you calling me young and inexperienced because it’s something better than just having bad taste!

      I’ve listened to a lot of classical on the radio (Don’t remember names but would tune in often) but I don’t really like slow paced, sad toned, melodramatic shows like this one. I might enjoy it more if I can relate to something like that from personal experience but I hope that doesn’t happen for a very long time. Thanks for the comment, you explained the appeals very well!


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