What Anime Character am I most like/ Which Anime Character do I wish I’m like?

Disclaimer: Every time I write something like this I end up disagreeing with a lot of it and I especially disagree with the tone. Sorry if this offends you, I remember liking this post when I wrote it so I don’t have the heart to go back and change it. If this post hurts you in any way, no offense, I probably don’t think that anymore. If you’re not sure about this just bring it up in the comments and I’ll be sure to respond. For artistic reasons I don’t want to ruin this post by accidentally throwing terrible images in the wrong places so sorry for that. 

No matter how dumb the entertainment medium of anime is at times, you can’t deny that theirs still certainly lessons to learn from it, things to make you improve yourself or even ideas or concepts that you’ve never really seen or thought about before. Characters who blindly follow everything that I (in concept) desire, pandering to fans, with traits that everyone wants, are often, in actual fact, the ones that I like the least.

There’s something that I find strangely bitter when a character ticks every category and it most likely comes from wanting and liking flawed personalities. Sure, your favourite character might be a brilliant looking, pussy slaying, bad ass with immense natural talent and philosophies which are instantly terrible as soon as you think about it for more than a second but despite all that, they’re not relatable, they’re a projection. Someone who is everything we want to be without making us feel bad for not being that same person.

So this brings me to the question, which anime character am I most like? And which character in anime do I most want to be?

Since I’ve always treated my posts as an exploration, drawing conclusions as I write – having a pre-conceived place or conclusion to arrive at, whist still being open to dive in to a rabbit hole if I do so chose and changing the conclusion if need be to fit my existential head cannon that only I am following and only I care about.

Heck why do you guys think I use such short paragraphs? To help keep your attention span going so you don’t lose interest and skim through the entire post without gaining extra insight or information. You just looked at the title, clicked on it to find which character this stranger was most like to then get 300 words in to be annoyed at how I’ve not even name dropped any character yet, ignoring the immensely well thought out (probably not well written – I do try very hard though and I started this whole thing to improve in the first place) ideas that I’ve been building up to that will answer far more than “which character am I most like” but will probably change the way you think about life permanently for your entire existence.

Look at me, missing the point again and again! I didn’t even intend to bring up that point quite yet but it will prove what I’m going to say further. By allowing myself to go off focus, partially because it’s fun but also because it loosely ties in to the overall point of the post in the first place, I have way too many ideas that I write down getting me off topic. Now I’m an extra 150 words in and I still haven’t mentioned any characters that I’m most like, resulting in your patience being worn in and slowly being degraded and destroyed.

But I’m not done yet; I’ve decided to follow the 30 days of anime challenge without really explaining it or telling anyone and it’s basically a list of questions which would normally require a one word answer  and I personally don’t find that interesting.

But it’s called a 30 day “challenge” instead of challenging me to write on a daily basis, I’m challenging myself to make some of these dumb anime questions interesting enough for me to find enough fun to talk about them. Instead of talking about my first anime I ever watched: Pokémon like “ohh, it was the jam but I’d never go back to it now!” I discussed the consequences of being a Pokéfan, growing older and taking part in a nerd culture that everyone secretly liked, but you were the only one capable of admitting it and the struggle to get back into the episodes again due to valid reasons.

In my favourite anime post I talked about my changing and fleeting interests and not really having a good show to attach myself too, the insane reasons why people can find dumb stupid shows funny, and looking into my personality and my impulse to just do things like make “Ika Musume” my favourite anime just because I found it funny.

At the least, the 30 day challenge has allowed me to think of things that I haven’t previously thought about. So far I’ve been immensely enjoying this experience as it’s actually really fun to experiment and try to write about topics that I’ve never really felt like talking about before. It’s also been immensely terrifying having to associate yourself with a character who you only decided yesterday was your favourite because you never thought about it before.

I’m not even that confident in my opinions of these but oh well, it’s all in good taste.

If you by now have thought that I’m off on another one of these tangents then you’re completely missing the point. The only reason why you wouldn’t have already guessed which character I was most like by now was that you haven’t even seen the anime the character’s from.

It’s called meta. The character that I’m most like (or I’m most like for the sake of this post) is bobobo from bobobo-bo-bobo.

Meta is the idea of referring to itself or the conventions of its genre or in this case character through being that exact convention. Now that I’ve explained it the idea and impressiveness is now lost to everyone because a true metarist always lets people realise the meta for them but that’s fine because of the point I want to be putting across.

Bobobo is mentally insane, like this post. He starts one thing but then transitions to another thing instantly with no attention span at all, it’s all fun and it’s all good! He’s a guy who’s not afraid to pull some dumb stunt in a vain attempt to make him seem more intelligent when that wasn’t even the main attention in the first place.

Everyone overlooks Bobobo as some dumb stupid guy, which to be honest, he is. But they forget the fact that he’s saving the world and helping his friends on a daily basis. He’s a proper man’s man who will tell you how it is or not tell you anything at all.

Sourly overlooked, he carries on adventuring despite what all others think about him and he’s completely oblivious and just having a good time. He demands no rewards, he has no patreon, a solid whacky and fun all round good guy who may/may not be insane.

Not to be offensive to bloggers who have a patreon but there’s a reason why nobody’s giving you money. Don’t take this as an insult, I’d love to make money from my writing too, but there are too many things that you’re doing wrong that just need simple correcting.

How is it that a person who has comparatively less viewers, less “fans” can make more patreon money than someone else? It’s a very simple question and demands a very simple answer that’s not entirely straight forward.

Quality is an important thing, if I didn’t suck at writing, had been blogging for a very long time I’d conceptually have a much larger fan base than most other bloggers and be in the running to create that all important site that will pay you for your work but that’s not necessarily the important thing to be doing.

First of all, you obviously shouldn’t be doing this to make money; you should be doing it for enjoyment. There are better options if you’re doing it for the money!

To get people to pay you, they need to care about you and what you’re passionate about and just saying “I’m passionate about writing” isn’t good enough, communicate that passion! I know I don’t do it enough and I really should! If there’s a post that you don’t care as much about, why the hell would anyone else care? There’s a reason why my most passionate post just so happens to be the most liked and happens to have to most comments on it, it’s no coincidence.

People will like things that you’re interested in and are passionate about, writing a 50 word milktoast episode review and then plugging your patreon at the end doesn’t give any good messages does it? To me it shows that you’re actually in it for the cash.

The first impression I had of some ones episode review wasn’t even a review! It was a 50 word description of the episodes! When you don’t have a lot to say it implies that you’re someone who’s not interesting because you don’t have a lot to say. And who wants to patreon someone who’s completely uninteresting?

(If you didn’t think I was the walking embodiment of Bobobo then this has probably changed your mind)

You need to be passionate and improving/refining constantly. As soon as you linger, doing the same posts over and over again then you’re creatively dead.  In the 6 months that I’ve been anime blogging I’ve changed things up quite a bit. Starting with genre destructions, moving to single point analysis, doing theories, PROGRAMMING ACTUAL GAMES FROM ANIME!,  a massive ten part gaming post series, getting personal by explaining my thoughts on everything I’ve seen in that month,  studio overviews, reviews, massive analytical series on berserk and it’s still going on.

This was the first post where I used this fun meta structure whilst addressing the reader and I’m only going to improve and change from here. In the month of May my view count doubled I really started to get more attention (I don’t know if my average view count is bellow other people but it’s still a great improvement) just by doing random different things that’s interesting but that’s not exactly the point.

Even if you read that list and found that the only thing for you really is daily and constant episode reviews then change the content of the reviews to improve and see what sticks. Annoyingly likes and views are fairly unrepresentative of how well received a post is. I’ve concluded that at least 10% of people like my posts for no reason just so that I know about them. I know this because some people have genuinely liked about half my posts without following. If you liked all my posts that much, why not follow?

So base reception off of comments. If your changes are good then that’s great! If not, oh well, at least you can rule something out for the future.

From my perspective you need to make meaningful points that change my perceptionand thoughts on a certain idea. The only person who I’ve ever wanted to patreon connected with me at an emotional level where it was more than their art that I was interested in.

So change it up, get people to care about you personally and be good. So good luck, and no disrespect at all even if it came across that way. I had a YouTube channel where I did so many things for the views so I can’t blame you if you want to stick for the patreon idea.

The point is that your low effort/ low passion reviews may get viewers. But viewers aren’t the same thing as fans.  Viewers just consume without thinking, and then blindly move on to the next guy for the next five minutes. Fans are the people who stick around, the guys who like and comment, they’re the guys that you can count on to stick with you. But to get fans you not only need to be good and likable but you have to give the promise that you are worth all the money that they can through at you through the brilliant nature of your writing.

I keep on concluding but thinking of extra points to say so I’ll just leave you with this: If you don’t consider your blog posts art, I will never patreon you. Art has a meaningful purpose for existing and conveying all of those so called “dumb messages” that you needed to talk about for some reason in English classes. Entertainment should exist but it doesn’t capture the hearts and minds of the people, and if you don’t capture the hearts and minds of the people then you really can’t expect patreon money.


Ok so remember that part where I said that I’d jump down a rabbit whole which was on the way to get to the point in the end? Well this was just re-iterating the point that I’m Mr Bobobo incarnate and I’m going to continue to Bobobo my way through this post as best I can! Read my “The problem with writing post” It’s got meaningful passionate commentary on a literacy device that I want to have implemented as a technical term for English called a tangent. Going off on a tangent and all.

In fact I’ve not even began to touch on the idea that I first wanted to talk about in this so let’s continue from the place where I asked the rhetorical question from what felt like several hours ago for me but 2 minutes for you so if you’ve forgotten what I said in the first paragraphs you might want to refresh yourself until this point here:

“So this brings me to the question, which anime character am I most like? And which character in anime do I most want to be?”


Perfection is something that we all want but none of us can get so the character that I most want to be like is Sakamoto from Sakamoto Desu Ga because he’s simply the best. He’s a brilliant looking, pussy slaying, bad ass who wears a suit so what’s not to like?

The fact that he’s all of these things is embraced by the show and it’s so funny and cool. It’s obvious why a young male person would want to be like him, or at least more like him than any other anime character.

Sakamoto is such a good guy because he teaches us that we can all improve and that someone will always be better than you, and that’s ok. Sure being perfect would turn boring and samey in the long run and potentially detrimental (especially when you get Christians biting you in the butt saying only Jesus is perfect) but I have to ask, is Sakamoto really perfect? Or is he only conceptually perfect?

Say we bloggers, because only bloggers read blogs, suddenly transformed into Sakamoto in real life how well would we deal with the situations? The answer is not very well at all as the real world is so random that it’s impossible to say which way is the “perfect” way to do something .

I suppose it’s nice to be perfect and cool but I don’t really think it’s the best thing. Perfection is not relatable, which would make normal things that you take for granted impossible for a guy like Sakamoto.

So I suppose the character I want to be is at the same time the character I’d hate myself for being. What I like about Sakamoto Desu Ga is the world that facilitates and allows the idea of perfection to exist without much question of morality or objective good.

The environment and other flawed characters around Sakamoto allow me to respect him so much, but doesn’t Sakamoto kind of remind you of someone…

Someone who’s also basically perfect, someone who’s respected, someone who’s smart yet a lot more personal than Sakamoto. He’s almost like what Sakamoto would be like if he was more realistic and thrown into a more realistic medieval scenario. His name is Griffith, and we all know that we don’t want more Griffiths in the world.

So there we go, this was a very fun but long way to say that the character I’m most like is Bobobo (even if it’s not strictly true) and the character I wish and simultaneously don’t wish I was like is Sakamoto.

Also if you want to get people to pledge to you on patreon you need to end on something brilliant, something that would make the audience consider pledging. An “oh yeah, that sounds like a good idea” to give the audience that immediate response.

So how am I going to end the longest post that I’ve ever written in one sitting? I’ve spent a lot of time chinkin and I’m still thinkin.


3 thoughts on “What Anime Character am I most like/ Which Anime Character do I wish I’m like?

  1. jesus, this was something. yup, something indeed. firstly, i don’t know bobobo. I’ve played the Jump All Star games, and I only know him for his moustache and he also transforms into a magical girl or something? Meta is lost on me, I apologize.
    and that’s actually a good reason why I don’t have a patreon. I know people won’t support it. I mean, I see patreons with less than ten bucks pledging, and its depressing to look at. I do plan on investing a lot of time on my site, but only after I’ financially stable in irl.
    also, just my opinion, but geez, you come off as insecure. It’s just an observation, please don’t be mad. ok, you can be offended but your post just has a certain personality, I guess. and i do like it, or else i wouldn’t read it. XD

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, that’s quite interesting and I don’t really disagree. I’m sorry you sat through this not knowing who Bobobo was, the idea of the post was to mimic the structure of his brain and Bobobo episodes which are insane, crazy and disorientated proving the point about our similarity. Thanks for reading non the less. Whenever I do something like this I’m always worried about the drama it might cause so I guess that could be why. Is that a comment in general or just specific too this post? I can’t really get mad at something like that, you clearly don’t want to start an argument and neither do I. I also sometimes play up insecurity so people won’t always care so much if I disagree with them. Sorry about that, I’ll try to change I guess. It’s going to be pretty difficult though considering that I don’t do it intentionally.


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