What I watched In September! (reviews and recommendations of anime)

Welcome to the urgent, last minute round up of everything I watched in September! Yet again I’ve had a very busy month without viewing too much but oh well, you might see why in the future.


Kodomo No Jikan

I’ve not seen an anime tackle the issues of paedophilia in a way like this. It feels like a “what not to do” type of show except it doesn’t realty end with any consequences. The 7 year old main character tries to seduce her older teacher and it uses comedy, emotional scenes and relatable stories to make an interesting yet pretty disturbing narrative. But those who know me understand that I thrive in cringe and discomfort (as you can see) during my anime’s so no big problems here.

And to those of you who didn’t watch this because it was over censored, ha-ha I watched the uncensored version! Oh wait, that’s not a good thing.

Ouran High School Host Club

This is a comedy which is over the top hilarious in a really entertaining way. Each episode will focus on the scenario and it never seems to get old, perhaps because of the insane innovativeness and creativity of the manga author.

I love how the characters interact with beautiful women every day but just happen to fall in love with one who doesn’t like them and one they thought was a girl. I knew going into the show that the main character was a girl pretending to be a boy however I was tricked! The show made me think she was male but that just made the reveal all the better!

If you like comedy’s this is quickly becoming one of my favourites.



I’ve not able to finish this yet but everything I’ve seen is really cool. I like the characters and the struggles they go through. It’s keeping a good pace as well. I’m aware that Hidieki Ano left production after episode 18 and that the show suffers afterwards but I like the show enough that I I hopefully won’t mind too much.


I was very disappointed by this anime, which I dropped early. I heard that it was a thriller show which needed a lot of set up but was then amazing. Well I got through all the set up and thought the rest of it sucked without good cliff-hanger endings. It’s very serious and I expected it to lose control and go crazier but that didn’t happen so I gave up.

I’d recommend this if you want to see a dramatic, Japanese version of the count of monte cristo.


KNB Last Game

The last ten minutes of this film had no subtitles! It was pretty annoying. I enjoyed it up to that point because KnB is kind of a comedy! The stunts are so extreme and cool that I just find myself laughing. I really love the sense of teamwork within the team and it was as best a film I could hope for. It was also nice seeing all of the generation of miracles playing together.



This is the best ghibi film I’ve seen. It’s got a really nice visual aesthetic with cool animation. It was recommended by a digirbro video and I’ll also be releasing a review of it soon.


Aho Girl

Aho girl is great! If a little controversial, click here to see why. My episode review talks about this in detail and I hate repeating myself (sorry). It’s nothing exceptional but every short episode made me laugh and whilst the personalities are a bit clichéd they interacted in a cool way I didn’t expect.


Now we’re moving on to a special part of the “what I watched list” called “Instant flop”. It’s a show that I dropped almost instantly because I just hated it.


This month’s instant flop is Isekai Wa Smartphone to Tomi Ni

The show was boring, stupid and a complete rip off of anything that came before it. It reminded me of every Isekai show but a whole lot worse, rivalling (dare I say) SAO. But at least SAO’s opening was good enough to keep them invested, I’m not sure about this one though.


Now we’re moving on to a new segment called the “2Deep4U” show. A show which seems cool and interesting but themes are so adult or complex for me to continue without feeling completely exhausted after episode 1.

This month’s 2Deep4U show was Monster

The emotional conflict may have been simple but the way the characters in the world reacted made me feel pretty terrible inside. It wasn’t particularly comfortable to watch and put me off watching further even though I did enjoy the show.


Thank you for reading and welcome to the legacy segment. The segment when I announce the best show I watched this month and it was without a doubt Kodomo No Jikan because I don’t want to count films and I didn’t finish Ouran High School Host Club this month. Oh well. Here’s the scoreboard for the year:

January 2017 – Kaiji

February 2017 – Mysterious Girlfriend X

March 2017 – B Gata H Kei (My fascination for Berserk didn’t start until April)

April 2017 – Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo (Dub)

May 2017 – The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K

June 2017 – Golden Boy

July 2017 – New GTO (Definitely Counts)

August – Inari Konkon Koi Iroha.

September – Kodomo No Jikan

5 thoughts on “What I watched In September! (reviews and recommendations of anime)

  1. Kare Kano is awesome. It has such a rich hidtory, because it was Gainax doing romance but the animation level of Evangelion, BUT the economic crisis of the 90s greatly affected the show, and the author actually decided to refuse the studio to do more episodes but the author hated the direction of the show. hahaha. Also, the ending is just pure 90s nostalgia. I grew up with Kare Kano, you see.

    Gankutsuo also had a nice background to it. I think the studio or the director was a big deal, and they did a reimagining of Monte Cristo w/ as much flair and artistry, but it comes off as stupid, tbh.
    Also, the show came out at a time where anime was dense. Imo, the best show to come out of the Gankutsuo trend is Production IG’s “Le Chavalier d’Eon” a reimagining of pre-revolutionary france but i think it had mecha. It’s everything Gankutsuo should’ve been, tbh.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aha, thanks for the recommendation. The reason why the author hated the show was artistic differences with the director. The tone changes later when the director is replaced, making it closer to the authors vision. But yeah its pretty great.

      Liked by 1 person

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