Shiki – The Final Hunt [22]

The Final Hunt 25/10/17 3:48 PM The sun sets on Sotoba village and I felt an immense worry for what would happen, since the vampires are now safer. This happens as soon as Seishin runs away so Sunako immediately gets up and starts looking around, which was sad in my opinion. I thought it would … Continue reading Shiki – The Final Hunt [22]

Shiki – Slaughter [21]

Twenty First Slaughter – 25/10/17 2:46 PM As far as I’m concerned this may as well have been the last episode since it seemed to tie up every loose end very nicely. The few points that were left hanging can easily be explained or is best left to interpretation in my opinion. So this will … Continue reading Shiki – Slaughter [21]

Shiki – Mourning [20]

Twenteith Mourning – 25/10/17 1:14 PM At the start of the episode I found myself thinking that at the shows current pace the show would need to do a whole lot of murdering to resolve the plot. And it certainly didn’t disappoint. In fact the episode starts with a vampire’s eyes exploding due to exposure … Continue reading Shiki – Mourning [20]

Shiki – Coffin [19]

Nineteenth Coffin - 23/10/17 6:51 PM The episode opens where we left off at Chizuru’s death. Toshio uses this moment to rally the villagers and cause them to go on a hunt for the vampires. I see people rooting for the Shiki or calling the humans equaly bad but this is obviously incorrect. The vampires … Continue reading Shiki – Coffin [19]

Shiki – Killing Spirit [17]

Seventeenth Killing Spirit - 23/10/17 11:37 AM This episode didn’t reveal the plan I wanted to see, I sure do hope the plan involved Toshio getting bitten and becoming subservient to the vampires though, because it happened. At the start of the episode Toshio said the plan was to wait until it looked like the … Continue reading Shiki – Killing Spirit [17]

Shiki – Skull [16]

Sixteenth Skull - 23/10/17 10:04 AM This episode was great, not only because my pre-determined wants happened but because they happened in interesting ways which are promising for the future and side character involved heavily involved with the plot yet not given much attention. Sunako, the child vampire, was one of these people in particular … Continue reading Shiki – Skull [16]

Shiki – Death [14]

Fourteenth Death – 22/10/17 8:31 PM Last episode really was a tragedy and this episode needed to accomplish a lot to fix it. I wanted more characters I knew in situations I could enjoy, a faster paced story with more advancement of the plot and just things that were actually interesting, that last one is … Continue reading Shiki – Death [14]

Shiki – Tragedy [13]

Thirteenth Tragedy – 22/10/17 7:32 PM This episode was the worst episode so far and probably the only episode of Shiki I would rate a score of 5 or less. Essentially everything which happened was something we either knew already or didn’t care about, and it’s because of the emotional value the show tried to … Continue reading Shiki – Tragedy [13]

Shiki – Slaughter [11]

Eleventh Slaughter - 21/10/17 8:30 PM Most episodes of Shiki are enjoyable to watch and just think about even if they only really focussed on one thing in particular. What made this episode so interesting was the fact that they seemingly introduced one character, explained what her purpose and ideas were, have the rest of … Continue reading Shiki – Slaughter [11]

Shiki – Mourning [10]

Tenth Mourning – 19/10/17 8:18 PM There was something about this episode which made the vampires feel a whole lot less villainous than they used to be and that’s done through showing us the story from their perspective, they’re really evil but I’ve ended up liking some of the vampires, which is something that I … Continue reading Shiki – Mourning [10]

Shiki – Night [8]

Eighth Night – 19/10/17 5:39 PM After the previous thrilling episode where everything started coming together to form a narrative more focussed on the threats instead of reactions to deaths I wanted this momentum to continue into the next episode and well, this sort of happened. Whilst the characters made progressions to come to the … Continue reading Shiki – Night [8]

Shiki – Killing Spirit [7]

Seventh Killing Spirit – 18/10/17 8:17 This show is getting a whole lot better and I really love the direction the series is headed. It’s not going to be scary but it’s going to be really interesting and entertaining anyway. Doing the three episode rule showed me that the series would be something I’d like … Continue reading Shiki – Killing Spirit [7]

Shiki – Skull [6]

Sixth Skull – 18/10/17 7:19 PM Wow I really loved this episode because everything I’ve been saying and re-iterating finally seems to be happening. Let’s talk about why this episode was really exciting to watch! We opened with a shot of Megumi retrieving her ripped post card from Yuuki and it’s sad because it seems … Continue reading Shiki – Skull [6]

Shiki – Deceit [5]

Fifth Deceit – 18/10/17 4:54 PM After scheduling the previous five posts earlier today I noticed that I’d made a few mistakes whilst watching the previous episodes. The first mistake was the conditions I was watching the show in, either broad daylight or with the lights on too much. It’s not as spooky this way, … Continue reading Shiki – Deceit [5]

Shiki – Third Tragedy [3]

Third Tragedy – 8:22 AM 18/10/17 I stayed very calm and normal throughout this episode, this show seems pretty calm really with all the deaths only being seemingly natural. Before watching I wanted to see new plot points occur which shed light on the mystery, the issue was from the previous episode was that the … Continue reading Shiki – Third Tragedy [3]

Ponyo On The Cliff By The Sea Is An Amazing Film

I watched Ponyo a while ago and I loved it! It was an enjoyable, fun ride of the movie with a backdrop of interesting themes I could appreciate.  It’s a great film which is easy to watch and I recommend it to every anime fan and any movie fan who likes studio Ghibli. This is … Continue reading Ponyo On The Cliff By The Sea Is An Amazing Film

Hajime No Ippo And The Benefits Of Impeccable Characterisation

I’ve not being enjoying the current Fall 2017 anime season. I just couldn’t find an anime I found interesting or better than a 5/10. Then I watched an older anime whose premise and ideas are the most terrible thing to me, whose genre I tend to shy away from and aesthetic I tend to dislike, … Continue reading Hajime No Ippo And The Benefits Of Impeccable Characterisation

Inuyashiki Was An Amazing Tale Of Two Parts! (Episode 1)

I just finished Inuyashiki and it was a brilliant episode of two half’s and I highly recommend you watch it before I presume to spoil it in its entirety! Whilst we can sympathise with the dad whose name isn’t mentioned I’m pretty sure (It’s Inuyashiki by the way) it takes us a while to want … Continue reading Inuyashiki Was An Amazing Tale Of Two Parts! (Episode 1)

The Show Don’t Tell Rule is not Perfect

The shows don’t tell rule is a standard for good writing, especially in media like films. Since I’ve been on a bit of a film binge recently I’ve noticed a few things that have made the show don’t tell rule a little more complex in my mind to the point that I consider it highly … Continue reading The Show Don’t Tell Rule is not Perfect

Evil or Live, The Dustbin For Children Which Is Also A Dustbin

The rehabilitation facility of Evil or Live is completely stupid. Not that I hated the episode but so much social commentary about internet addiction was lost through making the main character correct in his analysis, the idea that the rehabilitation facility is hell. Believe it or not facilities to treat and cure internet addiction are … Continue reading Evil or Live, The Dustbin For Children Which Is Also A Dustbin

Kuroki Tomoko: We Love Her Anyway

Kuroki Tomoko is my favourite female anime character and for good reasons, her uniqueness and flaws as a character makes her very entertaining to watch.  I don’t understand why people call the anime Watamote (the anime that she’s in) cringy because it really isn’t, it’s just funny. All of the moments that are called cringey … Continue reading Kuroki Tomoko: We Love Her Anyway

One Lovely Blog Award – MBICE

Thank you TPAB for nominating this award to me. It’s great to receive the lovely blog award from someone who really thinks I deserve this. In a list of “love their personal stories”, “enjoying their posts a lot”, “your awesome”, I was pleased to be nominated for “his brain is completely empty”. Yeah, thanks a … Continue reading One Lovely Blog Award – MBICE

School Days – A Trip Through Hell

Before reading further I’ll say that you should watch School Days. The anime is a complete trip and it’s a journey that everyone will benefit from going on in the long run. Not to say that I like this show, I actually completely despise it, but don’t let that deter you! When people call this … Continue reading School Days – A Trip Through Hell

How To Mess Up A “Marriage Interview” demonstrated by Omiai Aite wa Oshiego, Tsuyokina, Mondaiji Episode 1.

This episode was three minutes long! Why was it so short! An issue with using short episodes is that you don’t get the time to be involved in the world and you find that you really don’t care about the show at all. Whatever premise there might have been is just squandered because they don’t … Continue reading How To Mess Up A “Marriage Interview” demonstrated by Omiai Aite wa Oshiego, Tsuyokina, Mondaiji Episode 1.

Tsubaki and Urabe: The Great Couple From Mysterious Girlfriend X

I really like the couple of Tsubaki an Urabe from mysterious girlfriend X despite all the problems other people have to say about it.   A big criticism that I’ve heard about the couple is that they don’t really make any progress with the relationship. Despite the fact that they learn from each other each … Continue reading Tsubaki and Urabe: The Great Couple From Mysterious Girlfriend X

Deciding What To Watch Based Off Of MAL Pictures & Information (Fall 2017 Anime)

The new anime season starts soon and I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be focussing on the new season whilst Ross continues to do whatever stupid thing he’s doing. I’m very new to anime but I hope to keep up with the new season and talk about whatever cool stuff aired that week. I’m undecided … Continue reading Deciding What To Watch Based Off Of MAL Pictures & Information (Fall 2017 Anime)

Bobobo: The Most Annoying Anime Character Of All Time!

Even in anime’s that you like theirs almost always going to be a character that you hate, so I’m going to limit myself to the main characters of shows as they’re often given the most screen time so they almost always have to be good to make the show interesting. In some cases, an annoying … Continue reading Bobobo: The Most Annoying Anime Character Of All Time!