Bobobo: The Most Annoying Anime Character Of All Time!

Even in anime’s that you like theirs almost always going to be a character that you hate, so I’m going to limit myself to the main characters of shows as they’re often given the most screen time so they almost always have to be good to make the show interesting. In some cases, an annoying character can completely kill enjoyment so let me get into one who did that for me. Normally I would pick somebody like Kirito but everyone already hates him enough and he’s more boring than annoying so let’s discuss the most annoying anime character of all time: Bobobo.

Yes, Bobobo and who wouldn’t find his character absolutely insufferable? Before he even opens his mouth we can tell that he’ll be completely awful. For one thing he doesn’t even look like an anime character, he’s a Japanese cartoon! The massive rounded, protruding shoulders make him look comically insane and unlike any other anime character who I’ve ever seen, and not in a good way.


When I see the colour yellow I see one of two things – annoying or yellow. And both of these illicit reactions deep within me, producing a deep hatred of everything that he stands for.  Sure you can criticise me for hating the colour yellow (that’s not even true but oh well) but who couldn’t hate his terrible, unstylistic and painful to look at afro which makes me want to puke like a baby every time I see it.

But these characters, if you could even call him that, commits an even worse sin of wearing a disgusting fake tan all over his horribly exposed body. It brings to mind all of those annoying celebrities who everyone hates despite the fact that they seem to appear everywhere you go. And don’t even get me started on that obnoxious chest hair.


Alright, now that I’ve established that he’s extremely poorly designed let’s discuss why he’s a terrible character. The aim of Bobobo is to exterminate the entirety of the hair hunt troupe who are trying to make everyone bald, so ok, the villains are incredibly poor and don’t facilitate a good protagonist but putting all things aside he fights them like a child.

I don’t mean with the weakness and inexperience of a little kid but with the attention span of one. We might be enjoying a cool fight (let’s face it, it’s never cool with this guy but who cares)  only to be immediately pulled out of the action for no reason just to watch a dumb, retarded five minute scene of him riding a bike in a field or something.

As well as this, his main attack is the fist of the nose hair, an attack using his nose hair and it really sucks. It’s like the creators didn’t even check anything in this anime, they accidently created a cartoon and thought that it would be alright anyway. Having a fist in your nose hair brings more problems to a fight than it solves and not in an interesting way. It’s just one hit and all the characters are dead with no intrigue or interest.


Oh. What am I saying and what have I done? What’s happened to me? How could this happen to me? Why did I let this happen to me? And why did I do this?

Let me ask you a question, if you indeed have been convinced by portrayal of hit classic character Bobobo from the highly regarded Bobobo-bo bobobo anime. Where has your sense of fun run off too?

When people see a whacky character such as Bobobo they automatically assume the worst about him, without seeing the true potential good in him. I get that you can see him and not view him seriously, but that’s the point – Bobobo’s a comedy where anything goes. Can’t you see the character designs for the brilliance that they are? When I see Bobobo I see a show where anything can happen due to the crazy character designs and I also see a show that can make anything funny because I’ve actually seen the show. Which is a lot more than most people who criticise Bobobo’s design can say.

So now that I’ve introduced an annoying character who I’ve changed to be a non-annoying character I’m now left with a pretty misleading title and an angry audience. Well who cares, anime fans who don’t know fun and just argue with people about menial things are the real annoying characters anyway.

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