Deciding What To Watch Based Off Of MAL Pictures & Information (Fall 2017 Anime)

The new anime season starts soon and I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be focussing on the new season whilst Ross continues to do whatever stupid thing he’s doing. I’m very new to anime but I hope to keep up with the new season and talk about whatever cool stuff aired that week. I’m undecided what exactly the post will be, it’ll either be a weekly roundup or a few episode discussions a week, something like that. Also No sequels! Also some of these have already aired by the time this is released, I’ll be talking about them shortly!

Anyway let’s decide what to watch based off of MAL information


Black Clover

The genres are action, comedy, magic, fantasy and shounen which means we can expect a light hearted tone against a cool action villain. The poster focuses on two characters that look like either close friends or rivals on their mission to become some important dude.

The plot summary hints at a one piece/ Naruto story progression which make for good, interesting adventure! Naruto and one piece are extremely popular so I think this one will be too. As well as that I’ve been told (from nobody in particular) that it’s very popular so I think I’ve got to check this one out!


Dies Irae

The art for this is seriously off-putting. I don’t like the complete mess of characters and it makes me feel like the show will be less focussed and interesting. The action will probably be wide-scale over a large cast which is something I’m not really a fan of.

As well as this it’s set in 1945 in Berlin and involves magic. Not only is magic often used really badly, magic Nazis just put me off a show completely.


Just Because!

The poster art looks very cool and stylised; I’ll have to at least watch the first episode for the aesthetic alone! The art hints at a school drama which I’m very interested to see.

The synopsis states that a transfer student makes some changes and it might be interesting to see this conflict explored (if it even is a conflict).



I like the look of this one! The person on the cover is running through some kind of glass portal to the backlight of a city with what looks like a dead person in tow. It looks really cool and the fact that the main character is 58 makes it more interesting since I believe most anime have characters of high school age.


The Beautiful World (Kino No Tabi)

This looks like a fantasy show, with a motorbike! I have no other idea what this could be but it could be good, it just depends what the plot actually is!


Boku No Kanajo Ga Majimesugiru Sho-bitch Na Ken

The art isn’t too impressive (though the banana is funny) but the fact that the title has “Sho-bitch” in it is worth a look. I hope it lives up to expectations because I see this being quite funny.


Kujira No Kora Wa Sajou Ni Utau

I like the idea of living on a flying whale and seeing an entire island on top of it. I can imagine that the landscapes could be very cool. The only worrying thing is thinking about what will happen on top of a flying whale!

The art features a lot of characters which is concerning, however it being a mystery anime might make the show interesting enough to continue.


I didn’t realise how many anime’s there were, so I’m going to start skipping some now since I won’t want to talk about them anyway.


Ousama Game

This show looks pretty epic. The cool wallpaper and backgrounds make it look interesting and psychological. From the looks of it, it’s a death game with people in your class. A lot of cool and interesting things can be done with this premise and I just hope it’s executed correctly.


Imouto Sae Ireba Ii.

I like the seriousness that the cover art shows. It’s a city environment when people are crossing the zebra crossing and it looks cool and stuff. I just hope the story is as interesting as the art style.


Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou

I like the sentimental backdrop of a dark gloomy landscape with two girls (I think) holding each other. It looks sad and depressing but It also looks like a trip which would be entertaining to be on.


Net-juu No Susume

Sometimes you just like the look of something enough to give it a shot despite all other signs. The image might not look great but the visuals are interesting enough to make me at least try it. The fact that the main character is a 30 year old woman and a NEET also makes me interested.


Osake Wa Fuufu Ni Natte Kara

This show just looks funny yet really stupid. I just want to see how a drunk couple is presented in anime and I want to see how realistic and stupid it can be.


Omiai Aite Oshiego Tsuyokina Mondaiji

It’s a student teacher love relationship and I think the consequences of this will be fun to watch played out. I’m also interested in what japans attitude to this kind of relationship is, not that this anime is going to represent everything. This show also releases first out of any other so it’ll be my first watch of the season!


And there we go! I can’t promise that this is everything I’ll cover but I like that I’ve got a few interesting things to talk about already! Feel free to comment on my choices and also recommend me things I might not have looked at or mentioned. See you next Wednesday!

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