One Lovely Blog Award – MBICE

Thank you TPAB for nominating this award to me. It’s great to receive the lovely blog award from someone who really thinks I deserve this. In a list of “love their personal stories”, “enjoying their posts a lot”, “your awesome”, I was pleased to be nominated for “his brain is completely empty”. Yeah, thanks a lot. Really appreciate that praise, really advertises and sells my blog well. TPAP: “Look everyone, look at this circus freak! He’s the only person on earth who can actually never have thoughts in their mind! His blog is totally worth reading!”  I get it but I’m still a bit annoyed. Thanks anyway.


Here are the rules.

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog
  • Add the One Lovely Blog Award to your post
  • Share 7 things about yourself
  • Pass this on to as many people as you like (max 15) – I don’t know that many though, so I’ll cut that in half
  • Include this set of rules
  • Inform your nominees


So let’s get to this challenge, and it is a challenge because I need to do something to receive it, so let’s discuss 7 things about myself, since people are dying to know how to be mindless every second of their entire life and this might just help!


  1. Youtube

I’ve been making inconsistent YouTube videos since 2012 now and some of it leads to some pretty funny consequences. The first thing is that it landed me a lot of good opportunities for volunteering within my church. They basically asked me to make some funny videos for them and I did! I’ve got three notable ones.

  1. Making fun of the bishop. I got to make a youtube video with the bishop in and edit it to make him look kind of stupid; it was pretty funny and light hearted so I got away with it. This video was then played at the front of church and whilst I’ve talked to the bishop since I’ve never got the chance to ask if he saw it.
  2. The next one was making five people dress as super heroes, throw fish guts all over them and film a funny chase scene of them throwing custard pies at each other whilst running through the church. This was played to an audience of children and they really loved it.
  3. I nearly got the church youth worker fired for submitting a Christmas video to a completion. The reason why this nearly got him fired was because it involved heresy, blasphemy and Pokémon. I filmed it with three of my friends and it featured things like Pikachu as Jesus, being birthed from a male. Giving Jesus tissues, a chocolate box and a gun instead of gold, frankincense and myrrh. And also making Mary absent for Jesus’ birthday because she went shopping. It was a brilliant video and I don’t regret any of it.


There’s plenty more of that so if you guys want I’ve got more juicy stories like that but this is long enough already and I need to get a move on.

I have no idea what this is, I just googled it.
  1. I have an anime blog

Not many people know this about me but I have an anime blog called My brain is completely empty with the idea of expressing every thought possible until I’ve got nothing left to put down. I also don’t read other blogs and mainly just scroll down on the anime tag to try and find people who are interesting.

My blog has also received the lovely blogger award which is an achievement better than not getting one.

The funny thing is that I’ve not told anyone I know personally about it and all its growth is completely organic, grown from nothing.

I find stupid obvious jokes like this funny.

Also 200 posts today!

I am a master of piano titles two. I will be friends with you on FB just to see your score on my leader board to prove my superiority.
  1. I can play the piano

It’s true, the tip Veol put up about playing the piano was from me!

My favourite songs to play are from Zelda and Aeriths theme from FF7. I did upload these to my Youtube Channel but I don’t really want people to see my face so you just have to trust me!

Zelda songs are really cool and nostalgic for me and it’s great to see people moved by what I play.


  1. I can program

I’ve programed games and stuff. Most notably the rock paper scissors game from Kaiji which is awesome and some other apps or programs which I care less about. I’ve made black jack as well.

I’ve had to teach myself a hell of a lot but it’s something I enjoy and something I’ve put a lot of thought into.

Recently I’ve been working on GUI and recursion so that the games can be expanded on. I hope to also finish making E-card as well.

A lot of things influence me to make games or other stupid stuff and it’s all pretty fun.

(I can’t find a meme where somebody did terrible but feels ok whilst another student is crying because they got a B so just imagine that for a minute and that’s what the next part will be about)

  1. English was my worst subject at school

In school I got nearly all A’s and A* except for English where I did a little bit worse. And I blame the teachers, who would just drone on and on all lessons without actually giving us a chance to practice. So yeah, this was my motivation to start blogging: improvement. In fact I’ve got a lot of notebooks where I would basically just write blog posts for this reason.

I also really hate the style of blog posts, which are personal and often include a ton of personality, jokes and stuff I don’t care about. I want my blog to be a blog in name only and mainly just write articles whether that’s satirically or not which cut out all that stuff I don’t think people will care about unless it’s actually extremely relevant to the subject matter. Of course I need to put my opinions in but there are a lot of things I can ignore by doing this and I think it makes my posts better.

Disclaimer: Guy on the right is not me
  1. Powerful Friends and Power

Believe it or not but I’m on very good terms with the labour parties MP for my local area. It’s awesome and he remembers me well. I met him again two weeks ago and enjoyed talking. I don’t care enough about politics to know if I agree with his party but oh well.

I’m also part of the planning team for my churches services once a month. It’s nothing major but I think it’s worth boasting about because why not? Who doesn’t want to be friends with an MP?

  1. I like podcasts

I listen to a lot of podcasts especially whilst writing, I just like listening to people have interesting discussions as it gives me something both entertaining and thoughtful to listen too.

I’m going to recommend three right now.

.The biggest problem in the universe (108 eps 1-1.5 hrs each)

This podcast has a very simple format. Each episode the two hosts will bring in one or two problems and argue about them for a whole hour, using statistics, funny personal stories and a lot of questionable sources. I wouldn’t recommend starting from episode 1, start with a podcast where the problems interest you. This podcast, and the tragic fall out of it is interesting and you should definitely watch the better follow up podcast (the Dick show – the host’s name is Dick) as it gives a lot of drama and information which you’ll want to know about because it’s very entertaining.

. The PCP (Roughly 70 eps and ongoing, 1-3 hrs each)

The pro-crastinators is an excellent podcast which is both funny and relevant to anime or just people with a personality like mine. They spend each episode discussing an individual topic and the arguments are hilarious. These guys are really great friends (now) and their chemistry is impeccable.

. The Insufferable Social Media Argument the Podcast (20 eps 1 hr each)

Mumkey Jones and Digibro make a really entertaining duo to satirically make fun of stupid people on the internet. It’s a biggest problem in the universe rip off but that doesn’t stop it from being entertaining.


So there you go, 7 things about me. I hope I brought up things funny enough to keep your attention. To pass this on to others theirs only really one guy I can recommend.


A Library Archivist who has years of experience and plenty of knowledge which make his posts fascinating to read. I’d say he’s very matter of fact imo and whilst that’s fine I don’t always agree with him (don’t tell him that though). But the great knowledge and detail he can present with great points make him deserving of my respect and this award. Also no pressure, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want too.

And of course Veol, you can write one too if you want.

Anyway thanks for reading a post from my award winning blog, see you next Tuesday!


3 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award – MBICE

  1. I thought the brainless thing was a nice jab. I don’t know the other bloggers too well, so I just pointed out things i liked from them. haha. but you post is often insane, so your blog description kinda fits.

    oh, and you’re part of a church. that’s nice. being in a religious country, I know how supportive a close knit community like that can be. and it’s a shame we can’t watch your videos, lol. put a censor bar on your face, or something.

    I also didn’t expect you to play piano. it kinda makes sense though. XD
    I’m learning a lot today, so I should tag you on more of awards!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My posts are often insane? Insanely good? I tried to pull one over on everyone and do the 30 days of anime challenge without actually saying it and releasing their posts as their own individual things. I wanted these to be more personal, so that might explain my recent insanity – you’re getting to know more about me. I really don’t mind at all, you don’t have to justify it! I just thought the contrast between what you said about me and others was funny enough to be worth mentioning.
      Oh if it was just my face it would be so simple! It’s just that my most of my channel is inside jokes for my friends to laugh at and I don’t want a lot of explaining to do! I’ve put a few links to my channel here and there in posts so you might just have to watch out for it! I say it’s inside jokes but I somehow have 380 subscribers so yeah.
      And sure, doing things like was really fun. You make it sound like you get awards often but for bloggers like me awards are rare and really nice to receive! So thanks again.


      1. i saw that 30 day post. it certainly was unique. i tihnk you said no to some of the numbers. lol
        omg, that’s nice. i have friends that have the same thing. they so intertwined with their church, and it’s heartwarming tbh
        i get tagged msotly by SHoka haha

        Liked by 1 person

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