School Days – A Trip Through Hell

Before reading further I’ll say that you should watch School Days. The anime is a complete trip and it’s a journey that everyone will benefit from going on in the long run. Not to say that I like this show, I actually completely despise it, but don’t let that deter you!

When people call this show bad they don’t call it that for technical reasons, they just hate the plot. If I wrote this review after I just watched the show it would be very different, which is why this review is better in retrospect. The show will make you feel angry and depressed and make you devalue all of the positive aspects without giving you much thought. You won’t appreciate this show until it’s finished and you’ve had a while to recover, which is a kind of a shame. The anime’s artistic vision is to make you feel terrible, and doing that is both a good and bad thing.


I would go into the plot more and detail the events but that would make this review a summary and I don’t want to do that. I’ll instead talk about the nature of its content and why it’s worthwhile.

This anime is the most dramatic I’ve ever seen without feeling cheesy or forced. The appeal is seeing the cast of characters start strong and fall further apart over time as they become more tainted by competition, relationships and terrible people. As you watch you feel more desperate for a resolution and more sad that one doesn’t occur. The lessons taught in this show are fairly obvious in concept; many people said they felt kind of cheated because the conflicts and lessons were so easy to understand. What the show teaches you (for the brief few days you will force yourself to binge watch through) is the emotional consequences because you feel like a depressed wreck by the end of it.


Believe me, the show knows it has douchbag, broken characters, they just decide to present them for their message. The character development is also very sad and we see all kind of people. Innocent and lonely, cunning and manipulative, stupid and possessive, psychotic and desperate. They kind of suck but the show features the characters to show how not to be. It’s kind of like satire and meta combined: telling people how bad terrible people are by focussing an anime on just terrible people. They are aware of this and all you need to do is watch the OVA’s to see why.

I like the soundtrack of this show; it captures both horror and fun high school life perfectly. It’s not very noticeable but it’s never out of place. If you played me a random assortment of ten songs, five of them being from school days and five of them being different I would recognise the school days ones every time.


Moving onto the animation section of the review: The Animation does not matter. You’ll find it to your liking. The animation and visuals aren’t great but I don’t really care about that anyway.

So overall I recommend that you watch this anime. It’s a trip, a terrible nightmare of events that will make you feel horrible. But once you reach the end of the tunnel you’ll be a better person for ending it. Especially since the endings pretty good even if it’s not what you want to happen.

And after you see it read this, it talks about a point of contention about the show. I don’t want to spoil it though!

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