Ousama Game: Disappointment And Promise

Ousama Game felt like my kind of show on the surface. The premise of the game is about gore, violence and unnatural things that are really creepy but also tense as well. I’d like to come out in full favour of the show because it made me want more but I can’t seem to do that without addressing these criticisms first!

The first one is the mystery of who the king is, if there even is one. The mystery really sucks! Theirs only like three options it could be. The first is the main character; he’s the only winner of the previous game and could possess the powers to destroy everyone if that’s how the game works. The only issue is that he tried to sacrifice himself to prove to the class the game was real and he would need to be losing his memories every time he was king to do so. As well as that he would need to be the king to send the emails and he received plenty when he wasn’t king. The other option is that it’s a guy who’s randomly selected or a guy who followed the main character, the issue with that is the consistency of the emails. No, no matter how much you look at it the idea of this show has to be something supernatural or nothing makes sense and the show is lying to us, it flies in the face of all evidence! So why do I feel like it’ll do that anyway? Theirs a few more issues I have.

The main character of Ousama game isn’t damaged enough. To have just played a death game and have it stalk you around you break down in panic, not crawl around miserably. The main character really sucks because of this and I hope he dies soon, having someone knowledgeable around to explain every minor occurrence would kill the mood of the show and ruin tension. I’ve recently been seeing Kaiji and their reactions to drama and stakes of death affect them way more in a tenser and terrifying way. These characters just seem like they’re not scared enough in comparison.


Another problem is that when the characters have huge and high stakes they either break down or start going into fight or flight mode and become tense, thinking about everything. These characters don’t do that, not even the main character. They make stupid mistakes and leap to conclusions without panicking at all, their reaction only sucks. It makes me want to see more just to see what the characters are like when they reach that point, I like the idea of the premise so much that I think it’s worth sticking around for, it’s just that it’s not quite what I want it to be like and I really don’t know if it’s going to be better.

And I suppose the last thing is that the game thinks it’s more edgy or violent than it really is. It gives special attention to violence and gore which really isn’t that important or meaningful and the fan service we get from it really isn’t that high. The guy at the end gets boils on his face and dies whilst everyone else is hidden in the dark having hung themselves, these aren’t really gory at all but even so the attention given to them is excessive in my opinion.

The next thing is thinking about how anyone can possibly die in the game at all! If all the orders are to do with relationships in class then the only real way people can lose is if the other person dies before they can get to them. Looking at the brief selection of texts on display the orders really didn’t feel that hard. All the rules of the game aren’t really established yet so we’ll see.


The use of fan service is also questionable since the show shouldn’t need it when they’re playing such an extreme death game it should be interesting enough already!


Alright, now that that’s out of the way let’s actually talk about the rest of the episode! The flash back at the start of the series really sucked but it illustrated the feelings of loss the joker game creates. The annoying thing about this game is that the character designs are so similar that it’s hard to tell who the characters are and whether the flash back at the start was really a flash back or a flash forward.


Anyway they have a relay race for a reason I can’t think why, if I had more respect for the show I’d say that it fed into part of the mystery but I don’t think I can talk too deeply yet. Then we flash back to before that; where they try and make friends with them and the MC is too sad to make friends. He then claims he can’t make friends even though it’s obviously not true since everyone in the class wants to be friends with him.

A few months into his school life he receives a text for the king’s game and it all begins. We then see the strangest reaction a class can get. A school day feels long and tons of things happen in it, a more realistic scenario is the class disapproving of him and then moving on with their day, never talking to him again. So the rest of the episode is just drama about him needing to kiss another girl and they actually do it! Just by chance! This causes the game to start and all the “drama” to ensue! Or the lack of it.

The disappointment of this episode was counteracted by the promise of me wanting this show to be good and interesting. The show ended on a cliff-hanger, spent way too long establishing everything and felt overly dramatic. But, it could save itself. It might actually turn out to be interesting if the show gets a move on and has interesting premises and challenges to it. So let’s hope that happens!


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