Kuroki Tomoko: We Love Her Anyway

Kuroki Tomoko is my favourite female anime character and for good reasons, her uniqueness and flaws as a character makes her very entertaining to watch.  I don’t understand why people call the anime Watamote (the anime that she’s in) cringy because it really isn’t, it’s just funny.

All of the moments that are called cringey I find funny. It might just be because I find cringe funny in the same way that I find comedy funny so I can’t tell the difference but I really don’t think the anime is cringey at all.

The only distinct moment when I actually remember cringing, as in bending one’s head and body in fear or apprehension or in a servile manner, was when Tomoko tried to get a boy to ask her out by shouting that she broke up over the phone. The rest of it was just funny.

Even the moment where Tomoko fell asleep to a erogame while putting a vibrator to her face and her dad walked in was funny! I suppose that I like her because I’m able to keep my distance while watching as to not fall for the cringe too much.


It’s probably because I cannot relate to her at all so I can just look on at the events as if they’re situations that never happen. The way she thinks is also very entertaining, I like how she can have it all planned out in her head just to have it fail when she puts the plans into practice.

She is certainly a messed up character, with serious social anxiety and nervousness it would be easy to understand her reasons if she retracted into her shell and didn’t actively pursue friendship just because it was too hard. She however actively tries to go against her shy nature and prejudged opinions of her peers to attempt to make progress with her relationships.

And for that, I think she seriously deserves a whole lot of respect for attempting to achieve her goal. Whilst I have a large friendship group I wouldn’t exactly call us popular, I in fact probably have a similar amount of interaction with my peers (outside of sitting next to people in class) as she does and I make no attempt at all to talk with them. This is perhaps more forgivable if you already have some really good friends but I can respect her for attempting to talk to new people on a daily basis as it’s something that I really don’t like/want to do.


Sure, she doesn’t follow through with her plans but I seriously can respect someone actively following their goal. She tries and fails and I love her for it. Another similar show, B-Gata H Kei, has another protagonist of a similar nature: Yamada. She actively peruses her goal of getting 100 sex friends whilst failing miserably. If you want to understand the appeal of Watamote for someone who doesn’t find it cringey then this show presents a similar character who fails in an endearing way that’s very similar to my enjoyment of Watamote.


Wait, a female character who is actively trying to gain 100 male sex friends? Hmm… I don’t know if it’s too late to change my mind…


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