Evil or Live, The Dustbin For Children Which Is Also A Dustbin

The rehabilitation facility of Evil or Live is completely stupid. Not that I hated the episode but so much social commentary about internet addiction was lost through making the main character correct in his analysis, the idea that the rehabilitation facility is hell.

Believe it or not facilities to treat and cure internet addiction are real, and the kids in there think it’s the worst hell imaginable when in reality it’s a normal place without the internet. The tragedy of these real places is that they’re often treated as a dustbin for unwanted children for incompetent parents who can’t control their habits. You often hear transcripts of phone calls begging to be let back, promising they’ll only spend ten hours a day on computers as if that’s nothing. The sad fact that people are like this is what I wanted to see explored in the show, and unfortunately I got none of it, because the main character is correct.

The facility is a hell that beats children until they can’t walk. When the main character tries to run away they use the excuse that they thought he wouldn’t have the strength. This is just day one! They intend to do much worse I’m sure. The leadership staffs are presented as horrible and treat them in the most boring over the top way by calling them trash constantly. We don’t even get a glimpse that these guys are just trying to help them, they look like they enjoy beating them which is something that never happens. These people just try and help but the kids see it differently, suicide is something they could never drive someone too on the first day.

The fact that I won’t get my social commentary anime on children with internet addictions mind-sets towards simple help is made evident through this and so much more.

The first sign was when the main character thought that he’d woken up to a future where he could be so immersed in games he thought he was in it. This would be alright if the anime didn’t try to treat him as a normal dude who’s been taken in for no reason, this fact could actually sad but making him fairly normal undermines everything. The anime basically shows that he’s in there because he treats his mum badly and leaches off of her without doing anything, blaming her. But to be honest she could have actually made the right choice if the facility actually helped people! If she is unable to prevent her sons internet addiction then what can she do?

I also get the feeling that we’ll get the BTOOM treatment where the whole thing is just a misunderstanding which I wouldn’t mind. The show hasn’t really told us what it will be about which is a sign it has no idea what it’s doing, which is unfortunate. Why couldn’t it just be normal? It would be so much better.

As well as this the stupid comedy moment with Shion being treated as a girl feels seriously out of place and undermines everything. And the fact that it looks like some kind of romantic set up makes me more and more worried for the future.

That’s my grievances with the anime and its school system, it’s completely stupid and a waste of a premise. I might continue looking at this series but it depends. All the anime I’ve tried to write a post about have sucked (and I’ve watched a lot of them) so I’ve reached the conclusion that nearly all ongoing anime sucks and that this was a bad idea, I’m basically just trying to find one good one at this point so I can continue just writing about that, ignoring all the medium shows and terrible ones except for the first few episodes where I need to explain why I dislike them. That’s all.


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