Inuyashiki Was An Amazing Tale Of Two Parts! (Episode 1)

I just finished Inuyashiki and it was a brilliant episode of two half’s and I highly recommend you watch it before I presume to spoil it in its entirety!

Whilst we can sympathise with the dad whose name isn’t mentioned I’m pretty sure (It’s Inuyashiki by the way) it takes us a while to want a story from his perspective. He’s the slow, hard-working and emotional old man and I can understand not wanting to go through a narrative from his perspective but the way become endeared to this character is brilliant.

And it happens when we have a right to feel that way. His family who doesn’t care about him all ignore him and we see his personal emotional side come out when he gets companionship with a dog, and it’s tragically sad that it’s the best company he can get at that stage in his life. Which family doesn’t want a dog? Well apparently these guys hate everything Inuyashiki does and it’s sad.

Then I realised that this guy was probably the most interesting dude in the show, his two kids and wife are one dimensional and boring (I’m sure there’s more to them but it’s all the dad sees) and we begin to feel his pain. He then is diagnosed with cancer and it looks like this could be the moment his family decides to spend more time with him and actually respect him, but no, they suck that badly. And whilst he could have simply texted his family I can relate to wanting to keep it yourself so badly when you know others will be dismissive, people who will could easily go back to being the same one week later.

He goes out with his dog and cries, he’s at the lowest of the low and none of it is really his fault. One detail that pained me to see was when he said “we’ll keep him in my room” to the dog. He doesn’t share a room with his wife, there are cases when this is healthy and beneficial but this just clearly seems like a lack of love and emotion from either of them. He just wants to be accepted whilst the rest of the family won’t give him a chance.

Then it all changes, he passes out in a field and is converted into a mech, it feels like a lifesaving second chance. Technically if his brain’s gone he’s dead and been replaced but his new abilities feel great to watch. All of a sudden the water he drank is removed from his body via steam and the food is split out from a gun in his arm, he’s now a super cool badass! Yet it’s all so sad with his family, needless to say I can relate to this feeling and I’m glad I got out of the phase of treating my dad poorly (not to say all dads are like this, I consider myself very lucky) because the sadness here could represent this relationship on some level.

Anyway, the dad goes out and saves a homeless man who’s trying to put his life back together and puts the names and faces of the youths who tried to kill him on the internet. This is subconsciously so I’m not sure how aware of his powers he is and how well he can control them. Regardless it was nice to see he’s not immortal and can still take damage from the fireworks.

For the first time in what looks like ages he feels complete and important with his confidence intact. I really don’t know where this is going, but with Inuyashiki as the main character I’m sure I’ll like it anyway. I’m glad I loved this so much, if worse comes to worse and it turns out this is the only show I like I might just review every episode of this only. That’s all.

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