Shiki – First Blood [1]

First Blood – 17/10/17 7:40 PM

Before watching the episode I had a few points in my head to look out for, the first being jump scares. If there were any, and this is true for a lot of early episodes I would give up this project and change to something else, jump scares aren’t scary and they don’t make you feel scared for long periods of time, just the initial shock. I wanted psychologically scary concepts which may be what I got, can’t tell for sure. So I started with my notebook and pen in hand (because it helps to remember ideas) and a fine feeling I began to watch.

The episode starts with the conclusion of the episode telling us what will happen, you can also see the community and tell immediately that they’re in a rural village through the way the guys are searching, they’re looking for a name not some lost girl they don’t know about.

When we go back to the past the starting characters’ facial expressions seemed oddly animated as they explained everything, it wasn’t scary and the animation didn’t last that long however it was unsettling at first.

Then they brought up these things about Buddhist rocks, and I was really disappointed by the fact that they’re using these because they’re really not scary. If anything I wanted the horror to be psychologically based like perfect blue or physically scary as in a real physical person and not a supernatural being. The reason is that super natural ghosts and demons aren’t real (unless you’re religious in which case your god will protect you anyway) or at least have no effect on your life what-so-ever even if they’re there, so they’re less scary in my opinion or at least less interestingly scary.

Anyway a person dies in that huge house within the village and it’s meant to creep you out for some reason.

Theirs a new guy on the block who just moves in and the girl who dies at the end is already watching him. He doesn’t seem to notice though even though she’s in plain sight. To be honest if you saw someone stalking you I don’t think you’d want to react or show that you’ve seen them because that could only make them worse and more difficult to track and report. Maybe that’s just me though: a guy confident that he’ll never be stalked anyway.

Megumi immediately forms a romance for Yuuki the guy who moved in straight way for no real reason. Megumi wants to leave the village however she’s held back, since Yuuki’s super rich she maybe sees him as a better person for previously living in the city and falls in love with that idea.

So Yuuki has to move in but there’s a bit of a conundrum with the delivery man. He asks directions to the place he’s currently in. This made me think the village could be trapped or cursed or something like that, I don’t really think so though.

Then Megumi goes up to the house and feels like someone’s watching her. That’s not scary because it’s her feelings and probably not true since the chemical imbalances in your brain and hormones don’t suddenly change as soon as you have some eyes on you, it’s just that she was probably in a vulnerable position for people to look at her in an open place.

It’s also quite hard to tell if the house was the same place she was stalking that guy at because the two settings look completely different. Anyway at this point for no reason I can explain other than potential dread I started to feel a tense gut feeling in my stomach which only ended once they found the body. I knew something was up but I wasn’t sure what.

The fact that Megumi doesn’t show up for a while gets the whole village to look for her, she’s unconscious. They take her back and she dies after a while. The thing is that she doesn’t give any hints as to what happened and she seems a bit crazy before she dies.

A huge element of the show has got to be a mystery and it’s mostly being introduced. It seems like the show wants us to believe that Yuuki is the villain but I’m not really sure. Yuuki seems kind of empty inside by not really caring about Megumi’s death and caring more about being able to open the blinds. Whilst this makes him a suspect I’m not threatened by him because I don’t think the show would introduce the main villain in the first episode. I think he’s just an arsehole who doesn’t care because he just moved in and doesn’t care about her yet. Some people don’t have a lot of empathy and have seen a lot of deaths online, so I can see this being possible to happen.

Shiki Nikki [1] End

Wow, I intended to include three episodes per post however this has showed me that I might need to change somethings like releasing three posts a day or a mix depending on their lengths. Now that it’s over I’ll say that the episode was pretty good and I want to continue watching to find out why people get so scared by this show, this will still be in a diary type format with each episode being it’s own entry. I’m eager to see how this develops over time.

Also Nikki means Diary and it rhymes with Shiki so I thought It’d be funny to call it that.

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