Shiki – Second Decay [2]

Second Decay – 17/10/17 9:03 PM

Before watching I set up some guidelines I didn’t want to see in the video. I didn’t want them to pay attention to the previous death because it’s horror and we suspect that kind of thing, I also didn’t want to see a bunch of police on the scene or for the villain to be too obvious or for something stupid to happen. Thankfully none of these happened.

They do investigate the way they died at the start however it’s glossed over mostly, this way we saw the parent’s reaction to the death whilst also experiencing the mystery of it.

I forgot to mention this earlier but the OP seems really way too hype for the type of story this show is telling. Shiki feels dark and supernatural whilst the OP begins in an action packed, hype way.

There is a very annoying character whose name is not mentioned but he appears right after the OP and is seriously obnoxious because he’s constantly hinting at the supernatural, and I’d rather use actual real explanations before reaching to any huge conclusions, I discussed this in the previous part as well.

When a young nurse is walking her dog, the dog ends up licking Yuuki, obviously annoying him. If nothing happened to this nurse I was confident that she’d be fine from Yuuki since he’d probably kill her knowing the nature of horror shows. This didn’t happen but more on that later.

At the funeral of Megumi chan a lot of things happen. Her friend receives a moving post card from her which we saw sent in the previous episode. As well as that she tries to give the card to Natsuno (Yuuki) and he doesn’t accept, he hates the way the villagers act.

Then the girl buries a present with Megumi and I couldn’t help thinking that Megumi might raise back to life as a villain, it would bring relevance to the present left with her. I’ll also say now that nothing in this episode was scary, it was just build up mainly. Also none of these guys are nearly sad enough for a young girl’s funeral; it doesn’t really get any more serious than that.

Yuuki criticises village rolls and culture, he hates the way people expect things of him. He also happens to notice that people have crushes on him and that’s an interesting detail to implement in the character, and his cold attitude towards that girl is pretty sad and makes him seem twisted.

So people continue to die and the doctor declares it’s an epidemic at worst, I didn’t like this part of the episode very much but it showed the conflict that would take place in the future, and I don’t want these characters involved in it any more than they need to be. They’re very logical and take away from the mystery aspect a whole lot to the extent that it becomes less interesting.

We then see Yuuki get those eyes which make him feel like he’s being watched, and we know that he’ll either die or this is a brilliant anti red herring or just something to confuse you. I’m getting a little impatient with this mystery so I want something to change and develop further so that the show will become interesting enough for me to warrant writing this much about it. I know people don’t really like episode reviews but this is just for a week and a bit so I don’t think it matters too much.

Shiki Nikki [2] End

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