Shiki – Third Tragedy [3]

Third Tragedy – 8:22 AM 18/10/17

I stayed very calm and normal throughout this episode, this show seems pretty calm really with all the deaths only being seemingly natural. Before watching I wanted to see new plot points occur which shed light on the mystery, the issue was from the previous episode was that the mystery got kind of dull so I needed something to change. I also wanted threats to be established because how else is a horror film going to effectively scare you? As far as I knew it really was just some random epidemic. I also wanted a huge hook to pull me over into watching the fourth episode. Some of these things happened.

Super natural guy is back and I still hate him, this time he’s mumbling about some promised one clichéd garbage which could only come from a guy who thinks he’s dabbling in the occult, I can’t take this guy seriously because he comes across as really dumb and any scene with him is infuriating. I also found out that the guy was called Seishin so I now have a name to direct my rage at.

I forgot about the hook from the previous episode, the hook that Natsuno could have been about to die. This didn’t happen and was just being watched but I’ll bring up his character design to say why it works so well. Yuuki doesn’t look like anyone in the village because he’s from the city and feels out of place, the fact that he looks out of place as well helps to demonstrate the divide he feels between everyone (who he considers strangers) and helps individualise him even more.  Anyway he becomes friends with this guy because he’s kind enough to repair his tyres and they start hanging out, which is cool I guess.

This next part of the episode made me sure that I’ll never look at the wiki or anything online again, since I may have received a minor spoiler. Anyway theirs the guy called Masao and he’s the strange one with big huge eyes who seems very bitter about the world. He’s either jealous or bitter about his older brother’s engagement but has the most rotten attitude. He is already assuming the worst of his future sister in law and he seems like a horrible person to be around, I will not care when he dies, to be honest I’ve not cared about anyone’s deaths in this show so far so this isn’t an outrageous statement to make.

Then we’re just randomly introduced to a family of ghosts who’ve just moved in. They are clearly supernatural ghosts and it’s stupid that nobody else notices. I wonder if they’re related to all the recent deaths. Well they are, but they’re also not scary because they behave like normal people and the way they murder is very peaceful, I simply don’t have enough investment in the show to care about these guys, never mind be scared by them. I can understand the villages treating them normally though since they have no evidence that they’re bad and it’s a bit rude to call people you’re talking too normally ghosts.

Then it seems like the daughter of this ghost family reads Seichin’s work and stalked him to the village, the fact that it’s a little girl talking normally though doesn’t make it scary – just a bit weird. She knows that Serichin cut his wrists though which makes me hopeful he’ll die soon and be written out of the story, I’d just like it more if that happened. This episode tried to be creepy and not scary and I don’t think it really worked. Yes they’re responsible for the deaths but they don’t feel threating enough and there’s nobody I want alive enough to be worried about the future so there’s no reason to be scared of them.

Then the weird depressed guy comes back in and is happy that someone died, it was a girl who we only saw for a few moments and I don’t really know why he’s so happy, he just comes across as a depressed angry teenager who’s insanely stupid and childish if nothing else cold hearted. He’s also so hypocritical to be happy about one death and criticise Yuuki for not being sad for another’s. His autistic reaction to this made me think of him as always a child.

The show ends with another ghost from the ghost family threatening to kill that guy at the vending machine. The issue is that yet again this ghost family isn’t scary at all and the ideas displayed through them aren’t enough to psychologically damage me.

I’m going to give up with criticising this anime for not being scary or creepy enough because it’s not going to happen. I thought it was known as scary but I think the ideas are going to be terrifying and that’s it. The actual episodes won’t be scary which is kind of disappointing, either way I hope it’ll be creepy enough to at least start feeling like an anime worthy of being in Halloween week.

Shikki Nikki [3] End

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