Shiki – Fourth Death [4]

Fourth Death – 18/10/17 9:55 AM

Before every episode I talk about what I want to happen in the episode. This time I actually wanted to be made to care about the bad guys and what they do, care more about the characters already introduced and most importantly I wanted the show to build up that spooky atmosphere to make them more entertaining.

So characters I don’t care about at all are dropping fast with 12 deaths by the start and theirs a bit of a huge panic. I’m actually really interested to see what happens once the cast realises why everyone’s dying and the witch hunt for the family begins.

An annoying thing about this anime is that the show’s characters don’t mention character names in person yet mention names when they’re far away. This results in my calling everyone “this guy who…” and it’s pretty annoying. Every time I notice someone saying a name to someone in person in the subtitles I write it down but this happens so rarely that I don’t care about most of the characters because I really don’t know their names.

Then we see another dead person and two of them had the same blood mark dots on their body’s, making me think at the time that the ghost family were vampires. I went in completely unspoiled so theories like this are actually in the dark and I like the idea of people who’ve finished the series know better than me and comment on my ideas. It’s unfortunate that I don’t get that feeling of being intelligent because they’re confirmed to be vampires by the end of the episode. Oh well, if you doubt me anyway then I can release my notes online so you can tell for sure.

More of the evidence that I should have seen earlier was the fact that all the deaths seem to happen at night and the symptoms of dead people align with being bitten by a vampire.

It was here in the episode that I was reminded of an anime called Another, which was similar to this show but sucked. The reason was that the mystery was boring and the only reason to continue watching and it tried to freak you out with obnoxious sound design for no reason when what’s happening on screen isn’t scary. I’m bringing this up because Shiki doesn’t use terrible sound design to communicate horror and I respect it for that. I’d much rather watch a horror show that’s not scary than a show which is only scary by using sound design. I’m looking forward to see what happens when the village joins forces against these guys and I had no idea what to root for in Another at all.

Then the vampire child appears in the forest to meet Seichin who I may have misrepresented. He’s actually a religious guy who’s not actually talking about the events in a super natural way and now appears sane, so I think he’s alright now. The girl in the forest then rattles on about things I forgot and vanishes. I don’t think the scene was very effective because I just glossed over the information in my head and I didn’t really care. I’m pretty sure it was all lies anyway since the girl was talking about all deaths being sad when she’s clearly a murderous vampire.

So the deaths continue to pile up and Yuuki is now seeing things, like the girl who I predicted would come back to life! And she’s there, well only in his head but the latter scenes might say otherwise. Yuuki decides to stay at his friend’s house (whose name in actually never mentioned) and the vampires attack in the night. They seem to suck the blood from his friend and it’s either what really happens or just in Yuuki’s head. Either way I’m eager to see how this unfolds.

Shiki Nikki [4] End

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2 thoughts on “Shiki – Fourth Death [4]

  1. This really doesn’t sound like an anime I’d be even remotely interested in and I usually don’t follow posts that talk about shows I won’t watch with much interest, especially in an episode by episode format, but I must say your writing is addictive and I’m actually looking forward to reading more about this show that I won’t watch because of it. Excellent work!

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    1. Thanks that’s really nice! It is worrying when you dramatically change your post style and I dislike the episode by episode format as well however I’m doing it for a spooky anime in the lead up to Halloween because it’s one of the only ways to make me complete horror shows. I’m worried that you might have a difficult time following along and I didn’t really intend this for people who haven’t seen it however it should be possible and the story and ideas you make in your head might become a far better experience that you’ll get watching the show! A horror village can be really interesting conceptually imo.

      It’s in a kind of diary style format talking about the plot and mostly my opinions towards it. Starting today I’m releasing two a day for the finale on Halloween, and I’ve not even finished it yet!

      The way Shiki works is that they use a slow build up to increase the horror when they let lose later in the show, so I’m looking forward to releasing the next parts which should be better!

      Thanks for the comment, I’m gonna admit I was really worried because I have browser notifications and your comment popped up with it just saying “This really doesn’t” and I thought it would say “make sense” after but I was pleasantly surprised. Thanks a lot!

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