Shiki – Skull [6]

Sixth Skull – 18/10/17 7:19 PM Wow I really loved this episode because everything I’ve been saying and re-iterating finally seems to be happening. Let’s talk about why this episode was really exciting to watch! We opened with a shot of Megumi retrieving her ripped post card from Yuuki and it’s sad because it seems … Continue reading Shiki – Skull [6]


Shiki – Deceit [5]

Fifth Deceit – 18/10/17 4:54 PM After scheduling the previous five posts earlier today I noticed that I’d made a few mistakes whilst watching the previous episodes. The first mistake was the conditions I was watching the show in, either broad daylight or with the lights on too much. It’s not as spooky this way, … Continue reading Shiki – Deceit [5]