Shiki – Deceit [5]

Fifth Deceit – 18/10/17 4:54 PM

After scheduling the previous five posts earlier today I noticed that I’d made a few mistakes whilst watching the previous episodes. The first mistake was the conditions I was watching the show in, either broad daylight or with the lights on too much. It’s not as spooky this way, so I made sure to put myself in pitch darkness to watch this. The audio wasn’t really very loud earlier so I made sure to turn that up as well. So did this make the episode scarier? No, it wasn’t scary or atmospheric but that’s what I’ve come to expect from the show anyway.

Another thing I should have noticed sooner was that the numbers before the episode titles aren’t actually relevant and just indicate the episode number. I’ll therefore be titling everything without the number indicator since it’s kind of useless and makes the episode title sound a whole lot more dumb.

When I went into this episode I hoped for the characters to get a move on and discover the vampire’s presence or at least for one of them too. I also wanted to feel that creepy atmosphere a lot more and develop a sense of dread for the future since it would become more entertaining. The show currently isn’t terrible but I think it could be so much better if the show wouldn’t hold back so much, I want it to just let loose because I know it can. The fact that it’s giving me such an entertaining experience whilst going at its current pace shows its competency anyway, I just hope it changes.

There is a big difference for what I mean between changing and improving. I think Shiki is currently really good at what it wants to do, the issue is that I don’t want it to do what it wants to do and I want it do something the other show doesn’t want to do whilst keeping the quality the same. Enough dawdling, let’s review the episode.

Honestly the thing that sucked the most whilst watching the episode was having to take notes in the dark, I couldn’t see very well. Despite the dark environment I seem to have immunity to the horror in this show and I can’t really explain why, the most worrying thing was probably whether I could read my notes by the end because I had no idea where the lines were.

The episode starts with a resolution to the climax at the end and it looks like it’s all stuck within the characters mind. Not to be completely dismissive of the idea I thought that if Tohru died (yes, I know his name now) later then the vampires would be a real threat which could disguise themselves as an illusion within the mind.

The monk is now trying to figure things out for himself and has the shocking revelation that everyone who died quit their job suddenly.  I think the best part was him riding a motorbike and then praying over a corpse under the guise that he’ll get more information. He’s respectful but not sad for the deaths, obviously he would prefer if they never happened at all but his calm nature to approaching the mystery and willingness to put himself in the line of danger make him a respectable character I no longer despise.

So Tohru dies in this episode. Yeah, Yuuki found out that the illusions were most likely real. The way he reacts in the wake of his death is with utter misery and sadness where obviously nobody will believe him, maybe even himself. I’m looking forward to seeing what he does in the future. One thing that happens to him is receiving a post card from Megumi, the dead girl, a long time after she passed away. I want to know what it said and I want to know if the vampire Megumi could have sent it.

Masao is such an annoying child who doesn’t know how to human normally or in a likable way. His rotten attitude is sad and I just hope that every upset leads him in the right direction to becoming a good person. He messes up with his opinion of dead people, children and his friends and it ends badly for him. The guy wants to be accepted and have good companionship so I hope he’s able to change. I can’t imagine many people caring about the guy if he dies and has a funeral and it’s sad because he could improve.

The episode ends foreshadowing his death. A new vampire leaps onto him from behind and we don’t really know what’ll happen. I’m guessing he’s dead but you can never be 100% sure with this show. He might survive narrowly or something. Anyway I think it’s pretty funny that theirs some characters on the human side who I want dead even though they’ve not even murdered anyone, this kind of nuance in the show is something I appreciate.

I had a little more to say but it’s not episode specific so I’ll save it for a time when I may be a little bellow the usual word count, this will probably turn into multiple posts per part anyway so I that’s why the daily structure remains despite the fact that theirs 22 episodes to get through.

Shiki Nikki [5] End

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