Shiki – Skull [6]

Sixth Skull – 18/10/17 7:19 PM

Wow I really loved this episode because everything I’ve been saying and re-iterating finally seems to be happening. Let’s talk about why this episode was really exciting to watch!

We opened with a shot of Megumi retrieving her ripped post card from Yuuki and it’s sad because it seems like she’s just stalking Yuuki and that can only be the most terrifying thing possible. Not being killed by one but being stalked by one infatuated with you. An interesting thing here is that the vampires despite appearances have very human thoughts and emotions which makes the conflict with them a little more nuanced and I wonder if there will ever be a point where one of the vampires doesn’t kill anyone and just feeds a minor amount of blood, the conflicts of that will be very interesting since they wouldn’t technically derserve to die and just be born with an unfortunate race.

Yuuki is around for a lot of the episode in minor bursts so I’ll talk about him all in one at the end. Sadly Masao did indeed die when I hoped for a character redemption arc to occur. He was kind of an asshole anyway so I don’t care much about it. I just feel sad that every time I learn the name of a character they seem to die straight away and it’s pretty sad since I can only really talk about them in post life.

Now the chief doctor, who represents the analytical, biological side of the story, meets with Seishin who represents the more supernatural and spiritual side of things meet and discuss the events that have occurred. This is fascinating because it’s easy to relate to both sides. On the Doctors side we know that under normal circumstances these things can’t happen however on Seishin’s side we do really know what’s going on and he’s more likely to be correct. The doctor’s argument wins at the end however the discussion was vital to sow the seeds of his future revelation.

The fact that the doctor cares so much about patients and becomes increasingly stressed and angry makes him more likable and empathetic in my opinion, he’s a great character even though nobody ever calls him anything other than Sensei so I don’t actually know his name.

Later the little girl vampire appears to Seishin and gives the game away so easily if he was thinking about that kind of thing. Surely those blank empty eyes haven’t deceived him? All he does is sign his own book but I’m sure we’ll see more of this couple in the future.

Then we see the best transition which conveys so much in such a little amount of time. It’s a shot of Masao (the freak nobody likes) dead. Nobody is around him and people have forgotten him, it’s really sad to see when this guy cared so much about external appearance even if he was just an arsehole at the end of the day.

My last idea before talking about the Yuuki stuff was how sad it was to watch the whole village suffer and speculate whilst we knew about the vampires who were running rampant. Not only is it annoying but it’s also pretty sad too.

Now Yuuki played such a great part in this episode because of all the research he tried to do. Instead of hiding in terror he seeks answers by trying to find Seishin and eventually talking to the doctor. He seems to try everything including Christian crosses to try and ward the vampires off.

Yuuki and the doctor then have a talk and the doctor makes the realisation that it’s vampires by himself and it’s a really hype moment which encourages me to continue. It’s very reassuring in an anime where I didn’t think something like that would happen.

The episodes end with some kind of cliff hanger and I don’t really care about them because their tension really isn’t scary or interesting. Two children are watching the vampires castle and think they’re evil, only to see a vampire right behind them. It’s not particularly scary with characters we don’t care about but at least it’s something!

Shiki Nikki [6] End

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