Shiki – Killing Spirit [7]

Seventh Killing Spirit – 18/10/17 8:17

This show is getting a whole lot better and I really love the direction the series is headed. It’s not going to be scary but it’s going to be really interesting and entertaining anyway. Doing the three episode rule showed me that the series would be something I’d like in the future however it’s great to see that investment payed off.

So after dropping such an interesting episode they naturally do a thing where they introduce a whole new premise and idea which is really fun to see. I basically wanted to see the plot thicken a lot more and interesting ideas to be introduced and I wasn’t let down.

We essentially learn something I was fearful about all along. Most of the vampires are just normal people brought back to life. We cut to Masao who’s stuck buried alive underground and it confirms everything about vampires which we may have initially thought.

Vampires only need to drink your blood once to make you subservient and obedient to them, and even after that you could be converted. We see a character that’s been paid a lot of attention to go through this whole process and it’s seriously creepy ideologically. It never sent a shiver down my spine or anything like that but the very idea of an ex-human having to kill its own kind for survival is both tragic and a horrible situation.

One of my favourite parts of the episode was the detective work that went on with the three kids who decided to dig up graves to investigate whether Yuuki’s hauntings were real or psychological. Avoiding the stalking vampires was something that was interesting to see them try and fail to do, it seems like the vampire with the hideous looking cat ears got a hold of their plan and maybe got to the graves first since he dug Masao out.

It’s in this discussion with Masao that we learn some fundamental weaknesses to the vampires. Some creators decide to interpret vampires differently so here’s how they work. They burn in sunlight except for some and die with a beheading or a stake to the heart, that’s it. They don’t die of disease or old age; they must either make a mistake or be hunted down. Luckily for us some of our characters might start to just do that. We know that most vampires have a thing where they sleep during every moment of sunlight and wake up at night, breaking into the house and murdering all of these guys in their sleep would be a great way to remove the epidemic.

But there’s something strange about saying that: why do I feel so bad for saying that statement? The vampires have such a human quality to them that I really want them to just get along and only drink blood from places stored in the hospital or something like that so humans aren’t affected. They’re human life forms as well so I’d think that would be one of the best solutions. And obviously just because they’re vampires doesn’t’ mean their above the law so all the ones who murdered should be in prison anyway.

We then end with the trio of kids digging up a grave, I really hope the cat eared vampire hasn’t done something to mess those guys up and that this grave digging will progress the characters along with their knowledge instead of regress them, that’s what I’m hoping for. Either way that episode was really entertaining to watch and think about and I’m looking forward to more!

Shiki Nikki [7] End

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16 thoughts on “Shiki – Killing Spirit [7]

  1. oh gosh, this series. I’ll restrain not to spoil much, but i just love this series. i think you’re picking up the theme so far. the vampires are very human, and the story works from there. i don’t remember the detective though. it’s been so long since i saw this anime. one of my faves btw

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    1. Thank you! I’m glad I’m able to talk this much about one of your favorites! I don’t actually remember the detective either, I think I was talking about the detective work the three kids were doing at the start. So yeah, you’re absolutely right for not remembering it!

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        1. I’ve finished the show now and one old guy might have popped up but I don’t remember him playing a huge role at all since the people kept the police in the dark. He probably was there but now I’m questioning what he would be doing since it’s a village where a detective was desperately needed.

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          1. i think i remember him because, while reading your post, i remember the bodies piling up, right? and the police just concluded it was all natural causes.
            and omg, you already finished it? so, how was it? good, bad or meh? XD

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            1. Oh it was great! The series had so much discussion I got to talk about while I wrote all the episode reviews (All of those are done as well) and I’m really glad I chose it for the lead up to Halloween. And yeah that must have happened.

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              1. yes, i’m glad you like it. it was such a strongly thematic show for me. i was honestly bothered when the humans started fighting back, and it just didn’t feel right. omg, i just love this show so much. haha

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                  1. No, I just thought the humans kinda became the predators at that point, and it just looks a bit messed up. but i was cheering for both sides. at some point, i really did want the vampires to live on, and the ending kinda gave me that. hehe

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                    1. Yeah, it wasn’t exactly easy to watch. And it’s a bit ambiguous at the end whether all the Shiki died right? A few of the underground ones could have survived the fire but I’m not really sure, all the main character vamps died at least. The cool ending I wanted was for Sunako to wake up from the suitcase after the aftermath and being the only surviving human wanting to leave but that obviously couldn’t have happened, I still need to watch the specials to explain that fire though.

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                    2. yeah, the vampires needed to fail and the ambiguous ending is actually perfect. no real resolution, just a big thought provoking idea hung over the head of the viewer. haha
                      oh, do posts about the specials, since i don’t really wantch those. i hope they’re good.

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                    3. whelp ok, I’ve not seen them either but it shouldn’t be too difficult. I’ll release them a while after Halloween and probably put out a full review of the entire show. Yeah I liked that about the ending as well!

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                    4. Are you the kind of person who reads reviews before watching? Because I can assure you that the episodes will be great and you’ll like them anyway. I normally just watch an episode and then decide, that’s why I have so many dropped animes, I also hear a lot from word or mouth but never go looking.

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