Shiki – Night [8]

Eighth Night – 19/10/17 5:39 PM

After the previous thrilling episode where everything started coming together to form a narrative more focussed on the threats instead of reactions to deaths I wanted this momentum to continue into the next episode and well, this sort of happened.

Whilst the characters made progressions to come to the right conclusions we were very focussed on the three kids and their grave digging efforts which was interesting however not immensely progressive of the plot. The discoveries and events were interesting but took away time from the other two main characters who know about the risen and what they could be doing.

The episode begins with them finding the present that Kaori dropped in Megumi’s grave (yes I’ve learned her name! And the other one’s Akira!) Outside of the grave, oh no… I actually predicted this from the moment she put the present in herself so I feel strangely proud of myself. To be honest it wasn’t that hard to spot and I shouldn’t be proud, but it’s the fact that I don’t often notice these kinds of things which is what makes this moment so special.

An annoying thing that can occur in episode transitions is that at the end of the episodes they can make the character in an immensely difficult scenario that looks like they could die, only to change what happened or where they’re located to make it a situation they can get out of in the next episode. Whilst I’m sure Shiki will never be that bad the detail of the present was omitted in the previous episode to increase the tension, it’s fine really but it feels a bit petty to do when they changed it later. I wouldn’t have even minded if they went through the grave digging and then found it straight after so it’s quite a strange thing to happen.

The grave is empty and we feel a rush of excitement at the outcome. Not because we just realised something but because we’re eager to see what the characters do with their knowledge. This element doesn’t last long and the creepiness sets in. A vampire grabs Kaori and drags her away and it’s worrying because you know characters can die but also that other vampires might be there too.

A seriously weird thing about this is the vampire’s reaction to when Kaori shows him her charm (physical item not looks) because he leaps back. It was hard to tell at first whether this is a reaction to the charm and a defence mechanism because he thinks it’s violent or something supernatural but I think we can both agree that vampires resisted by charms is the worst idea ever.

With the dead vampire (who I didn’t believe was dead)  and the doctors opinion along with the empty grave the guys have a brilliant case for convincing everyone that vampires are real, if only it were that simple. I would have thought that vampires would be easy to tell by sight for the characters and brining him to the doctor would have been the best solution but no they bury him in the most stupid way possible. I really don’t agree with their decisions and of course a vampire could survive a knockout and there’s no way to know whether they display visible signs of breathing yet.

Rightly so the kids are paranoid and scared so they decide to sleep in the same bed together, yeah turns out they’re a brother and sister so they live in the same house. I can’t really make an incest joke here because they really are understandably that frightened. Then again I’ll probably never be able to make a joke like this again. Like that time when they said they never got any sleep; yeah I bet they didn’t…

The siblings meet up with Yuuki and they decide what to do next and they come across a great idea I’d have never thought of. They set up a plan to dig up more graves and kill the people before they have a chance to come back to vampires. They also decide to steak the heart as well which is one of the methods which works against these guys so I’m pleased. The main issue that I’m looking forward too is threats on both sides from these characters. The vampires know where they’re graves are so they’ll have to take care not to get in the way of them however during the day the villagers might not like them going through the graves of the recently deceased, this shouldn’t be an issue though since the graves are pretty isolated from anyone.

So the vampire that they knocked out wakes up and they seem to be setting a trap for Yuuki who we can consider the ring leader of this entire thing. A young vampire girl manipulates Yuuki’s parents into letting her into his house and waits in his room. I’m seriously worried for Yuuki now, he’ll probably die and we might see these guys follow in Yuuki’s footsteps and kill him if he ever starts to turn back. The issue is (as demonstrated by Masao) that the vampires originally think they’re still human and I don’t know if these guys would be able to kill him even with the chance once they saw him moving. These parents are annoyingly trusting and extremely stupid, I’ll leave it at that.

Something kind of scary I noticed at the end is that Yuuki basically has the eyes of a risen so maybe eyes aren’t such a good identifier. Even so he doesn’t give off the same monstrous presence so I think he should get the pass anyway.

Let’s wait with baited breath to see what all this vampire drama is all about, I’m incredibly concerned for the characters if Yuuki ends up dying.

Shiki Nikki [8] End

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