Shiki – Mourning [10]

Tenth Mourning – 19/10/17 8:18 PM There was something about this episode which made the vampires feel a whole lot less villainous than they used to be and that’s done through showing us the story from their perspective, they’re really evil but I’ve ended up liking some of the vampires, which is something that I … Continue reading Shiki – Mourning [10]

Shiki – Coffin [9]

Ninth Coffin – 19/10/17 7:25 PM A huge issue which detracts from this show is its slow pacing and this puts many people off and makes them either drop or put it on hold. To be honest I’d much rather the show be faster paced but there’s a lot of good things the show has … Continue reading Shiki – Coffin [9]