Shiki – Coffin [9]

Ninth Coffin – 19/10/17 7:25 PM

A huge issue which detracts from this show is its slow pacing and this puts many people off and makes them either drop or put it on hold. To be honest I’d much rather the show be faster paced but there’s a lot of good things the show has been able to do at its current pace. For one the setting feels real and establishing all the villagers living in one place and making us used to it and worried for when the vampires come to attack. The vampires are also fleshed out and their mechanics are truly established and new discoveries seem even more severe than they would if they got there straight away. Horror nearly always has a large build up in order to lull you into a sense of security and establish the rules of the world and conflicts so that they can be used to scare you and I believe this is what Shiki is trying to do.

This time the episode only focusses on Dr Toshio and Seishin as they go through their efforts to monitor a person with a vampire trying to attack them. And the realisations of the victims nature towards the vampires (who are now called Shiki or the risen I guess) is shocking. It never got to the point of being scary but the responses the vampires are making compared to the humans is going to make future drama interesting.

One worrisome fact is that theirs only really five maximum human main characters so far into the show, and way more vampires, making them overpowering. I don’t think the show would be able to execute horror effectively if the vampires only had five people to go against so I hope that changes. I can’t really see a good conflict with the current cast of humans so we may be introduced to some new guys soon.

Then the two guys at the hospital see a vampire for the first time and it’s a freakish display, they’re able to fight her off and she leaves but it conclusively gives us a lot of information which we weren’t aware of previously. The victim calls out to its vampire in the night to tell them where they are, so once bitten your kind of screwed. We also see that the victims have dreams of their vampires which are pretty creepy to be honest. It’s also another symptom you can use to identify if someone’s infected.

Then on the next night the vampire with cat ears Tatsumi along with his gang of vampire’s breaks into the hospital and takes the woman, having everyone feed on her. It’s a humiliating moment for most of the cast and it shows how prepared these guys are to work together even though theirs a limited number of vampires to feed off of.

The idea of a victim’s vampire showing up in their dreams makes me think of Yuuki and Megumi. Yuuki sees visions of Megumi a hell of a lot during the day and it makes me think that Yuuki is Megumi’s victim, however I believe she’s keeping him alive for her own benefit. From the way Masao was revived I see no reason why she cant’ still love Yuuki so I think she’s deliberately keeping him alive and feeding off of him for that reason. The thing that made me come up with this whole theory was at the end where Megumi ran off from the rest of the group and the vampires knew where she was going. I reckon it might be to save Yuuki who from the previous episode has a vampire hiding in his house waiting to eat him. It’s just an idea and I’m throwing it out now because I’ll be so happy if I’m correct. It would also explain why Yuuki wasn’t in this episode at all and why the Dr and Seishin weren’t in the one before that.

So let’s just wait and see, having this moment occur would make the conflict between man and vampire, good and evil a whole lot more complicated.

Shikki Nikki [9] End

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