Shiki – Decay [12]

Twelfth Decay – 21/10/17 9:37 PM

I’m writing this the day after I watched the episode so if this is the worst one that explains it. I mentioned to my mum today that I was watching a show about vampires and she was very concerned about it having violence against women. Not against everyone, just women. So do vampires stereotypically only attack women or is my Christian mother who takes vampires and Halloween as if they’re serious (seriously bad) completely misguided? I’d love to know, because I’m pretty sure she’s just making it all up.

We get to see a new side of town at the village hall where all but one of the workers have left. As a substitute they’ve introduced two new people who only work at night. Hmm, I wonder what the vampires are trying to do. To be honest it’s a good idea to take over all the admin and work for the village as hiding their identity would be made a whole lot easier.

Yuuki’s back but he’s obviously been bitten, I’ve lost a lot of respect for him already because of his foolish mistakes and this only continues to worsen throughout the episode. Yes he’s in a difficult situation but he really needed to rationalise and think a lot better, prioritising his own life.

Just as I suspected the Shaman from the previous episode ruined pretty much everything, anyone talking about the risen is treated as foolish and it’s sad to see. It makes sense that vampires aren’t real so I can understand their perspective but it’s just so sad.

A lot of this episode focusses on Yuuki’s condition due to the vampire bites and I wish he’d just be sent to Toshio. In a previous encounter Toshio realised he also knew about the vampires so if they got together and had a chat I think it would be so much better. Also Toshio would share my anger at Yuuki not being sent to him which is a very human reaction I understand.

In this episode we also learn a lot more about the vampires and why they behave in the way they do against the moral standards they have as humans. This happens as Tohru chases Yuuki through the forest because Yuuki stupidly tries to reason with him. He mentions that all the vampires are reluctant at first but then slowly become immune to it as they need to survive. It’s sad that their very existence causes their minds and behaviours to change so drastically but that doesn’t justify murder in my opinion.

What’s interesting is how Tohru mentions he won’t be able to escape from Tatsumi which makes me think Tatsumi’s controlling presence has turned the vampires into what they are today. We haven’t seen Masao who came back as a vampire and I think it’s because he drank from the cup of blood instead of the body, and Tatsumi didn’t appreciate it.

Our last real part before talking about Kaori and Akira is that Megumi is tasked with killing the only remaining human on the leadership team of the village. This would put vampires in charge for good.

I once played a game of werewolf with a large group of people. Werewolf is a game where everyone closes their eyes except the vampires and they point at someone to kill and the rest of the village team up to try and work out who the vampires are and which ones to kill. The issue was that there were too many werewolves. I was the mayor of the village so I got two votes (I was a werewolf) and there were a lot of cards where you could chose to be either so there was a werewolf majority after the first murder. So basically I’m worried this is what the show will turn into since it seems entirely possible at this point.

Kaori and Akira attempt to protect Yuuki before he dies and it goes down as well as you’d expect. Yuuki’s suspicious father removes all their charms and stops them from hiding in front of their house by pretending to agree with their opinion that the risen is real. This was such an obvious bluff and I’m going to be sad to see Yuuki’s death, which will happen.

In the last round of the game of werewolves I was killed as mayor of the village. We had one person left who was the hunter, when they died they could chose to kill one person. At their demise they realised what I’d done and decided to kill me. Even if the rest of the villagers die and the vampires die I want Tatsumi dead.

Also we’re past the half way mark yeah!

Shiki Nikki [12] End

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3 thoughts on “Shiki – Decay [12]

  1. Your mother is actually justified in her assumption that a show about vampires would contain violence towards our unjust representations of woman. The original Dracula has been theorized to contain many sexual metaphors, including being bitten as a form of rape. Traditionally vampires are likely to go for the pretty neck over the manly one in older books and movies. The representation hasn’t gotten much better as today vampires are often featured in romance novels and other such forms of media.

    Still really enjoying these posts!

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    1. Thank you I never realized. I thought vampires drank from both genders equally but it makes sense, and then you realise this trope is only real because more vampires are male, I think. Thank you for that perspective, I’m really glad I asked!

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