Shiki – Slaughter [11]

Eleventh Slaughter – 21/10/17 8:30 PM

Most episodes of Shiki are enjoyable to watch and just think about even if they only really focussed on one thing in particular. What made this episode so interesting was the fact that they seemingly introduced one character, explained what her purpose and ideas were, have the rest of the characters react to it and have her tragically die at the end. Her death is implied and will probably be shown on the next episode but it’s essentially a sure thing.

I’ll just open with a discussion of the few moments away from this character first so I don’t get side-tracked on a long tangent later.

Toshio and Seishin have a discussion of the ethics of stabbing dead bodies or performing tests on the risen as they behave and have common traits of humans. This fundamental disagreement drives the two apart which is sad since they’re both village leaders and their union should be used to a great extent.

The next part is when Seishin talks to Sunako (the small girl vampire) and realises her true nature, she almost bites him then and there but she’s stops herself. An interesting thing she mentions is saying the risen man in Seishin’s story has the soul of a human and is equal to humans and this obviously reflects her outlook on society. And technically this is true, the vampires are essentially humans with different biology’s however their murderous ways make me dislike them more. And having humans fight back just provides more arguments like the one between Seishin and Toshio earlier.

So the character this episode focus’ on is the resident Shaman whose name is never mentioned. She’s basically a fortune teller who’s convinced herself that her thoughts are true and correct. It’s so obvious that fortune tellers are just glorified con-artists but unfortunately it seems like the rest of the villagers knows this as well.  She reaches a correct conclusion that the deaths are happening because of the risen. I genuinely believe that it’s a coincidence that she’s correct and the effect she has on the rest of the villagers is negative overall in my opinion.

She runs around hectically telling everyone about it, she assembles the villagers in front of the hospital and confronts Toshio about it. And what a dilemma, what a complete awful situation to be in; Toshio knows that she’s correct but doesn’t want to create panic, lose his credibility or cause more harm than good. It’s clear what Toshio’s plan is: wait for a corpse to come back to life and demonstrate on it proving him to be correct. Anything less just wouldn’t work in my opinion. So Toshio going along with it might just be the best thing since the fortune teller just happened to randomly guess and he needs to be in control when it happens.

What I might have personally done is sit everyone down in the hospital and give out the evidence whilst also openly stating that they don’t think its vampires.  This would have opened up the villagers’ minds for when Toshio brought in a corpse, made them more open to the idea of experimentation on a corpse and not cause a massive panic. Yet the solution he comes across isn’t terrible I think he could have done a hell of a lot better.

The fortune teller blames the people who just moved in and they march up to the house to check. They open the gates and we see Toshio’s twisted reaction to Tatsumi which is painful to see, he’s been driven to the edge and he can barely hold it in.

He tests the vampires pulse and breathing and it’s normal, he relays this information calmly and the rest of the villagers back off.

Once the vampires see that she’s spreading rumours of them they decide to murder her in the night. The funny thing is that it’s a completely stupid idea from the perspective of the vampires. Having a crazy woman constantly shout about her beliefs will make the villagers see them as more and more false and keeping her alive wouldn’t hint at any idea of a motive to keep her quiet, re-enforcing the idea of vampires existing. So good job vamps.

Theirs so many interesting characters which the show constantly jumps too and each one of their stories is interesting and worth watching so I’m greatly looking forward to catching up on the other characters now that Toshio’s story arc has seemed to have reached a dead end for the time being.

Shiki Nikki [11] End

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