Shiki – Death [14]

Fourteenth Death – 22/10/17 8:31 PM

Last episode really was a tragedy and this episode needed to accomplish a lot to fix it. I wanted more characters I knew in situations I could enjoy, a faster paced story with more advancement of the plot and just things that were actually interesting, that last one is a pretty strange thing to want but it shouldn’t be too hard to ask for.

At the very beginning Atsushi (who’s the guy who stood up to the Shaman and the granny) is on the roof and met by the mother of the vampire family who quickly seduces him. You know what’s happing next: It’ll be sad but I’m looking forward to seeing the scenario play out.

Megumi kills Kaori’s dad in the night and it’s so tragic because it happened in their house and she seems to know a way inside. He was also visiting the new clinic which emerged recently and I think that could be entirely Shiki so that could have played a huge roll in how his death happened and how Megumi got to him.

It’s really strange to see Megumi proudly proclaiming a death go on later to mourn for Yuuki and try to find out where he might be or if he might rise. It’s pretty messed up as her morality doesn’t apply to everyone and just people she selfishly cares about for her own reasons. It’s here that we learn about the big city Shiki team who kidnap people from big cities in the night and take them back to the village for people who can’t feed or won’t feed. Masao shows up to show who uses these services (no prizes for guessing) and it’s not very nice to see that he’s just as much of an arsehole he used to be and dying hasn’t changed him at all.

Now let’s move on to the main focus of the episode: Toshio and his dead wife. At the start of the episode we can see that Toshio’s completely fallen off the rails and is so tired and broken from the constant death surrounding him.

And he’s there with his dead wife four days later and her heart suddenly starts beating again, or the life machine just starts working. And it’s the most worrisome and brilliant moment all at once. The moment the village could be saved at the cost of Toshio’s sanity.

He does horrible and violent experiments on the Shiki and it’s really difficult to watch. We learn that they actually do hate charms and Buddhist statues which are strange for this kind of story. It’s not really scary to have such stupid items be so terrifying to the creatures that are meant to be imposing but maybe the fact that the show goes to this extent, painting the shiki as standard vampires makes the race so human and scary to think about ideologically, even if they’re feeding mechanic really doesn’t make sense.

Toshio learns some valuable facts and documents them for the future. He’s no longer a righteous character for his actions however they really were necessary to preserve the rest of the village so I don’t hate him really. It’s what he does with the information that counts.

Seishin shows up at the end and we’re left with probably the best ending line so far: “Good timing. Help me clean this up”. It’s not only funny considering the context of the murderous situation after Toshio kills the Shiki but also highlights Toshio’s lack of empathy and hatred to the creatures who took all his friends away.

This was a great recovery for the series; I just hope the momentum continues into the next episode.

Shiki Nikki [14] End

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