Shiki – Tragedy [13]

Thirteenth Tragedy – 22/10/17 7:32 PM

This episode was the worst episode so far and probably the only episode of Shiki I would rate a score of 5 or less. Essentially everything which happened was something we either knew already or didn’t care about, and it’s because of the emotional value the show tried to force on to us during the episode which didn’t really work.

In a village haunted by vampires, which I’ll now be calling Shiki since they don’t like being stereotyped as vampires (apparently), we get to experience death constantly and since we often don’t know the characters around the people who died and since it’s an anime and not a real death we naturally don’t care. This episode has three deaths, two of which we don’t care about for this very reason and the other one we didn’t care about since we knew it would happen since episode ten. This led to a drama without fleshed out characters and people’s name we couldn’t even remember leading to a boring episode.

Let’s talk about Yuuki since he’s the character we do know. As predicted he dies and Tohru is all emotional about it, reminding us of the complex nature of a vampires existence which we’ve had explained to us already. As well as this Kaori and Akira are frustrated by their mistake, something we knew they’d already made in the previous episode. Yuuki’s father also completely brakes down, I’m interested to see how he moves on from this point forward.

Probably the best discovery from the episode was that the vampires are now telling their victims not to be hospitalised, since it highlights their scheming and makes me think this village is now beyond saving.

Two guys die and as I mentioned earlier I didn’t care, people die all the time in the show so I’m de-sensitised to it. In fact the large amount of time spent acknowledging these deaths made me care even less, and the side characters reactions really didn’t move me since I’ve not been made to care about them and I never will.

At the end of the episode Toshio is by himself with the dead body and I couldn’t help but feel excited. Toshio wants to do experiments on Shiki so if she comes back it’s a great opportunity for progression and advancement in learning. It’s Toshio’s ambition to present a Shiki to notify the village and rally them against the vampires, this could very well happen. Unfortunately the Shiki in question is somebody he has a strong attachment too and the struggle he faces because of this will be well worth watching.

One of the other positive things that I can come up with is that it seems Toshio and Seishin are back together, somewhat friends again which is great for the rest of the village. At this point I don’t think the humans will win; there’s not enough episodes left for all the villagers to rally together and win, but if it did happen Toshio and Seishin would be needed at the centre of it.

A lot of foreshadowing took place as well, that Megumi is after the entire family of Yuuki’s friends, and things like that. Megumi is one of the most interesting vampires so I’m glad the story will be through her and nobody else.

I’ve basically skipped out a lot of things because I hated them, I might also need to bring back the “what I want to see” section because this anime now seriously needs it.

Shiki Nikki [13] End

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