Shiki – Deceit [15]

Fifteenth Deceit – 22/10/17 9:28 PM

Tohru puts flowers out in front of Yuuki’s grave to mourn his death, this doesn’t compensate for his actions but is a sad touch to the show, even if the moment is wasted in a confusing way at the end of the episode.

After Toshio murdering the Shiki Seishin is understandably mad at the horrible display which he made for research. It’s kind of strange because the survival of human kind has almost always been the fact that they are the most brutal and terrible people at the ends of human nature. Seishin’s nature is explained by suggesting that the story he’s writing where the brother murders his sibling is actually his own story, which could explain his stance if he’s sorrowful.

Meanwhile Toshio tries to persuade others to join him in his cause, and fails miserably. This is the most infuriating thing about his character: his lack of using evidence. He filmed a whole video and has medical records and information on every death (until it was stolen but this is before then) and doesn’t decide to use it. It really sucks that nobody believes him and he only has himself to blame. He has the power and it’s the most infuriating thing ever to not see him use it.

Toshio learns just how terrible the nature of the village is when he goes to the village centre and realises vampires are everywhere, we’ve made the realisation a long time ago and its Impact is reduced due to this but it’s crushing to see Toshio’s reaction all the same. And all his medical records get stolen there as well so that kind of sucks.

Just as I was thinking about how much I wanted to see the story from the vampires perspective we got it! The Shiki are creating their own burial system which improves the time for corpse retrieval and reduces the chance of humans digging up their graves. They’re taking over and from here I see no way the villagers can win, it’s just really sad watching them struggle and we don’t see enough of the vampires perspective to relate to them and root for any of their characters to make me happy that they’re winning. I might try watching the next episode rooting for the vampires to see if it affects my enjoyment.

The nurse who was complaining about her other nurse friend going missing resigns due to Toshio’s lack of empathy towards it. She’s understandably sad and it’s unfortunate to see the staff dwindling even if they’re actually useless and have never saved anyone. They provide a sense of security for the villagers and seeing that vanish is understandable and difficult to watch.

Toshio seems to not even care about his own life at this point. He’s just sitting outside smoking while another vampire threatened to kill him. And sure enough a vampire arrives, and it’s Yuuki. He’s not violent or aggressive and he’s very similar to Tohru at this point (remember how I said him putting flowers outside the graves didn’t make sense) and that’s the nicest vampire to see. He asks the same question about Megumi to the doctor again and his response shows that he knows the vampires are real. Yuuki then walks off slowly telling him he’s not alone.

I’m excited to see how vampire Yuuki behaves and I’ll be sourly disappointed if we get anything less.

I’ve also noticed a massive absence of other characters besides Toshio, he’s a good character but he’s getting dull and I really want to see the series from another perspective which shows more interesting things happening. It also kind of feels like all the interesting events are over already; the Shiki have near ultimate control, the characters have explored all the main avenues of investigation and learned the truth and all that’s left is to put in the final blow and kill The village entirely. I don’t want the show to feel this way and I’m starting to dislike it because of this, it’s probably the intent of the show but I feel like something really cool needs to happen soon for my enjoyment to be brought back.

Shikki Nikki [15] End

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