Shiki – Skull [16]

Sixteenth Skull – 23/10/17 10:04 AM

This episode was great, not only because my pre-determined wants happened but because they happened in interesting ways which are promising for the future and side character involved heavily involved with the plot yet not given much attention.

Sunako, the child vampire, was one of these people in particular who explained her tragic story fully and how Shiki can feel so far away from society that they don’t care about human deaths. Sunako isn’t the child of the two adult vampires as I first thought, it seems Shiki are made and never born which is why Sunako has never aged despite being alive longer than most people’s life time.

Yes that’s right! Sunako has lived a terrible existence which has made her the way she is. A rich vampire came to one of her family’s rich upper class parties and most likely bit her that night. This moment was before the OP and brought up later for relevance with a troublesome Shiki who’s mourning the death of his friend: Tohru.

It’s through her explanation of drifting from place to place in the search of her family only to have them die whilst she’s still in the body of a young child. The point is that vampires are understanding and empathetic with their sense of community because they’ve all been through the same process and want to preserve their community and expand their race, even though the occurrence of this happening would lead to the death of all humans making Shiki go extinct as well. If you look at the pyramid of biomass, the carnivores always number less than the producers and omnivores in biomass. This is because having a larger amount of carnivores is unsustainable with a lesser amount of secondary and primary producers since there’s not enough to feed off of, making them die of starvation eventually even if they outnumber them at specific points in time. That’s why vampires are unsustainable and will never be able to take out all humans.

The unfortunate reason why this isn’t a thing in Shiki is that no matter what occurs the vampires can still retrieve bodies from the big cities. So the Shiki’s co-operation is both a help initially and a curse for the future since their very nature of life is unsustainable in the long run.

Alright the biological tangent is over, even though it’s clearly the best kind of tangent. The reason for this is. Alright I’m just joking. It turns out Kaori’s dad has been revived and he wants to see his family again. He goes to the house and isn’t welcomed. His wife is scared that he came back and his dog doesn’t even recognise him. It’s sad, there’s a lot of sadness in this show and I’m worried I might care less and less as it continues. He then bites his wife out of panic and the show cuts to a new scene.

We then are treated to Kaori’s and Akira’s reaction which is as great as it sounds. Reacting to having both their parents die they decide to leap into action, skipping school to buy supplies to take revenge. Kaori stays at home making stakes, Akira takes one of these, breaks into the Shiki’s hideout and attempts to murder one of the vampires in their sleep. Unfortunately Tatsumi has other ideas. Akira wakes up in the same position, only tied up with a gag on in front of the vampire he tried to kill. This Shiki wakes up and we look on in fear because we know what’s going to happen.

There was a part of this episode which I glossed over because I wanted to save it to the end. And it brought up the annoying fact that as soon as the episode’s attention was taken away from Toshio I immediately wanted to see his side of the story again! Yuuki is a shiki (don’t ask me how he was there in sunlight) and is teaming up with Toshio and they have a plan. Yeah! I’m so looking forward to seeing what this might be.

I greatly enjoyed this episode and hopefully I’ll be able to release the plan in the next post as it’s getting exciting. The series would be either the best thing ever or the most tragic thing ever if these guys were able to turn it around with only 6 episodes left.

Shiki Nikki [16] End

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