Shiki – Killing Spirit [17]

Seventeenth Killing Spirit – 23/10/17 11:37 AM

This episode didn’t reveal the plan I wanted to see, I sure do hope the plan involved Toshio getting bitten and becoming subservient to the vampires though, because it happened. At the start of the episode Toshio said the plan was to wait until it looked like the Shiki would win to trick them at the last moment and I really hope this is calculated by him. More on that later.

Seishin is a major part of the episode which is unfortunate because he doesn’t do a whole lot of good. He’s very twisted about the violence Toshio displayed towards the vampire and it later turns to him making a strange decision along with other reasons he comes across.

The first is when he finds Tohru in the forest crying because of the deaths. He sees that vampires have empathy and their forced into it by their nature. He then rattles off the exact philosophy Sunako told him in the past perhaps making him relate more to vampires than the twisted humans he decides to be with. Something sad that I’ve noticed is that all the bad things seem to happen to the most sympathetic vampires, the ones we like the most. Nothing seems to have happened to the evil ones and it’s sad because it should be the other way round, the conflict would be less uncertain but that’s something I’m sure the show doesn’t want.

Then Seishin’s dad dies and this could be the thing to push him over the edge because he knows why he died. In the previous episodes his father was given attention (which made the episode overall worse) to show how he learned about the Shiki’s presence and this accumulates to letting a vampire come into his house and kill him. Whether this was an act of protection for the rest of his family or an act of suicide I don’t know but it has a clear effect on Seishin.

As well as this Kaori arrives at the monks home to talk to Seishin and ask for a posthumous name because she’s convinced of her death. A posthumous name (something I didn’t have to google) is a name given to someone once they’ve died and is used to refer to the person instead of their actual name. Seishin doesn’t agree to give her one and tells her that she won’t know when she died. After this Seishin goes missing and it’s because he seems to have become a person who sympathises with the vampires and lives with them most likely because of the sacrifice of his father and he trusts them enough to not kill him.

Ritsuko (the nurse with the hair that looks like a massive individual root) hears of another vanished nurse and goes out to help her. She sees her in a van getting kidnapped, realises the truth about the Shiki and then gets bitten before she can do anything about it. Toshio then takes her home and is saddened by the death.

When Toshio gets back to the lab he’s met by Chizuru (the adult female vampire of the main family) who kills him. She also gives him orders to carry out in the days before his death where he changes all the medical records and things like that; this is what I meant earlier about my hopes for the plan since it might work now or could it be intentional?

I really don’t think this is part of the plan since Toshio tried to murder Chizuru with a steak immediately and I don’t think he’d do that if he had plans to die to her.

We see Yuuki running around but Tatsumi is following, the future is really in his hands at whether the humans can be saved or not.

Shiki Nikki [17] End

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