Shiki – Night [18]

Eighteenth Night – 23/10/17 12:44 PM

I think this episode was the best yet because everything I wanted to happen from the start took place here, and it was great. But I’m getting ahead of myself; the introduction was still interesting for its own reasons even if it didn’t have the pay off at the end of the episode.

Ritsuko rises as a vampire and Tohru just happens to be the one who meets her. If you don’t remember Tohru was about to ask Ritsuko out before he died so this fateful encounter is sad.  Ritsuko also represents the ideal vampire that Tohru wants to be; she doesn’t want to kill and is prepared to starve herself for it. Tohru’s jealous of this and wishes he has the same resolve. I don’t have any sympathy for vampires really because of their harmful nature however I do respect Ritsuko so much for trying to continue with her human ideals.

The rest of the vampires at Ritsuko’s revival spot just treat their work as a job and don’t even care at the high amount of numbers of people who die. They’re completely de-sanitised towards it and it really doesn’t give the Shiki any redeeming factors.

We then switch to Yuuki who is now a werewolf and just a guy secretly moving around trying to avoid Tatsumi as well as possible. He’s eventually foiled and Tatsumi threatens to kill him if he continues to work with the humans. Werewolf’s don’t need blood and can function normally, it’s just that blood elevates their power which makes Yuuki a good person now and potentially able to fit into society.

Yuuki fitting in to society is shown by the fact that he’s able to live with his dad again, who’s crazy. He immediately tries to kill Tatsumi (and I wish he had) but is shot down because of his revival. I was about to praise the show so much for doing something like that but oh well, the rest comes later.

Toshio’s story was by far the best part of the episode, and him being bitten really led to the plan that he was setting up. He’s twisted about the orders that Chizuru’s giving him and reluctantly carries them out. A vampire’s bite can give instructions which need to be obeyed, and Toshio has to deal with this. When the Shiki Chizuru is checking up on him he asks her on a date to show her around the festival and also reduce her suspicion.

The security of Toshio being under her gives her the confidence to go out with him as it will just make the villagers trust her more. One interesting thing that might have been given too much attention is the bandage that she wears on her hand. It really doesn’t make sense to be there since vampires’ skin heals and it’s just there to hide something.

The two arrive at the festival and Toshio tries to get her to go to the temple since vampires are scared of Buddhist rituals for some reason. My interpretation of this is that it makes them weaker, so much weaker that they have difficulty using their normal vampire ability allowing potentially… for someone to disobey them.

In front of a large crowd Toshio reveals the truth about Chizuru and all of the crowd believe him. YES! It’s so exciting that a lot of people are on Toshio’s side ready to fight back, the word will spread and the hunt will begin!

To oppose this Atsushi along with the blue haired head vampire comes to stop this and retrieve the person. It’s funny because he is irrationally scared of his father and he’s able to protect the rest of the villagers and scare them off straight away. The moment is saved and I was happily celebrating as the vampire who murdered many people was torn apart by the people limb by limb. Never thought this show would make me happy to see something like that!

Shiki Nikki [18] End

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