Shiki – Coffin [19]

Nineteenth Coffin – 23/10/17 6:51 PM

The episode opens where we left off at Chizuru’s death. Toshio uses this moment to rally the villagers and cause them to go on a hunt for the vampires. I see people rooting for the Shiki or calling the humans equaly bad but this is obviously incorrect. The vampires threw the first punch and the humans are reacting violently because they’ve had enough after their year of suffering. I’m sure the villagers (if they were real) would have been so angry that their familly member got revived and was made to kill other people that they would lash out. The characters have taken enough of a beating and I totally think the vampires are only a distructive force for progression of society that they should be removed even if they behave simillarly to humans.

It’s a really good idea to start hunting the vampires down anyway but it seems like within minutes the vampires become aware of the situation.  Tatsumi breaks the news to Sunako (who thought of Chizuru as a daughter) and she’s crushed by it. The vampires immediately consider fleeing (something I thought wouldn’t happen) but change their mind once they realise they have too many converted. It’s a fair point though since the humans would hunt the vampires to the death but that wouldn’t be good from a narritve perspective.

The Shiki quickly plan to kill the leader (Toshio) and block all communications from the outside world so that they can finish their hunt quickly. In the meantime Tatsumi asks Seishin to look after Sunako and to feed off of him to gain more power, he agress and I hate Seishin that much more. Later while he’s recovering from the bite I found it sad that he’s not just a pacifist but actively supporting the other side, therefore wanting vampires to win. They keep on showing that Seishin tried to kill himself so I think the trauma caused by the shiki and humans might drive him to the edge again at the end of the series.

Meanwhile both the vampires and humans are attacking. But not all of the humans, understandably people who’ve lost loved ones don’t want to attack their dead familly. Kaori faces one of these terrifying curses naturally when her dad comes home to kill her. His dad seems to want to talk however Kaori in her crazed state after losing all her familly lashes out and kills him.

Then we cut to Ricchan who is still resisting drinking blood from a human while Tohru watches, in sadness. His emotions make him worried and outraged that she’s not drinking because of his affection for her however I’m sure he feels inferior for not having her resolve.

And that’s pretty much it, a lot of the time spent in this episode simply established events and things that happened, sometimes taking minutes to just show or explain a simple thing. Theirs also a lot more action which is less easy to comment on. Despite all this it presented a very interesting tale which seems close to concluding and it’s tense because it could end either way!

I can see why the creators postponed villagers learning about the shiki since the radicalisation of the villagers couldn’t be sustained over the long series of episodes. The only worrisome thing is the fact that theirs specials to this show, and I’m worried if they might continue the story in any way and I don’t have that in my schedule. It’s the 23rd now but this is probbably going to release on the day before halloween, I’ve got time but the speed I’m releasing the reviews at might have to change.

Either way I’m not going to be disheartened and root for the continuation of this great story to see how it wraps together and dramatically concludeds. I’ll be so annoyed if the manga’s still continuing or something and we get a non-ending, it better not happen.

Shiki Nikki [19] End

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