Shiki – Mourning [20]

Twenteith Mourning – 25/10/17 1:14 PM

At the start of the episode I found myself thinking that at the shows current pace the show would need to do a whole lot of murdering to resolve the plot. And it certainly didn’t disappoint. In fact the episode starts with a vampire’s eyes exploding due to exposure to sunlight and it’s a cool discovery for both the humans and the viewer as we finally realised what happens to Shiki in sunlight.

The humans search through the village and stumble upon a gold mine of vampires hidden in one of their hideouts. And the gruesome murders that the shiki have performed are payed back in kind even though a lot of them would have killed more than one. It’s gruesome and you can empathise with them however they’re not getting any sympathy from me since they’re mass murderers. Now that this episode has occurred you can apply the same logic to the humans however this is their only plausible way of survival. Now the argument comes full circle because this is the only way of vampire’s survival as well, but it’s not. They can use blood donations and their very nature and way of survival is through murder whereas humans are fine on their own and only turn bad once the vampires strike. The humans in this show aren’t saints but I sympathise with them a lot.

When Toshio (the ring leader) arrives back from the murder spree he finds his mum dead on the floor. She’s been murdered and not bitten which means she can’t come back to life, which is a good thing in my opinion (not that she died but that she can’t come back). It’s a simple message that continuation of his plans will result in a much worse experience for him. The issue is it’s a kind of terrible message!

The Shiki have been murdering everyone already and people can die at any time so this message really shouldn’t have any effect since it’s not anything more severe than the events already happened. And if Toshio lacked motivation and gave up there’s plenty of humans ready to take their place. The murderer is Atsushi and we have a strange moment where his father kills him. What I find so sad about it is the fact that his grievances with his son are still there and whilst I know he’s sad he doesn’t let his son know it before he’s murdered for the second time.

After the initial slaughter the villagers regroup and Toshio remarks that whilst they killed a lot not nearly everyone’s been killed. The issue is that by this point it’s already night and a lot of things will start happening. The villagers plan to explore the tunnels looking for vampires but the main leader of the expedition is shot by that vampire with the blue hair, Seishiro, I don’t think I’ve mentioned him yet. Yuuki then comes to oppose him and they have a dramatic encounter, ending with the show implying that Yuuki got shot however it doesn’t tell us for sure.

Then Tatsumi returns to Sunako and Seishin to report on news. We learn that the Shiki lost around 30% of their forces which is quite promising since it’s nearly one third and theirs only three more episodes left. They decide to leave however they’re unable to yet because of a mob of humans outside their house. I wonder if the show might just end by them running away, the fact that there’s so little vampires at the start could show that this kind of thing has happened before and that’s quite worrying since we don’t know how many times this has happened before.

It seems like the show then resolves the Ricchan and Tohru plotline by having them release the woman and die together as vampires (I assume), what the show implied was that they were waiting until sunlight when they would die together.

The show then ends with the humans murdering a human following the vampires’ orders. I don’t know enough about the scenario to comment on the morality of this yet, but it’s pretty messed up either way.

Its Halloween tomorrow and I’ll conclude the episode reviews for the entire series! I hope you’ll join me.

Shikki Nikki [20] End

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