Shiki – Slaughter [21]

Twenty First Slaughter – 25/10/17 2:46 PM

As far as I’m concerned this may as well have been the last episode since it seemed to tie up every loose end very nicely. The few points that were left hanging can easily be explained or is best left to interpretation in my opinion. So this will be the last episode review of Shiki.

It’s hinted at earlier but it’s revealed that Seishiro is human with a 99% probability. We’re shown several vampires hunting at night and they bite the guy who tries to shoot everyone at the end of the previous episode. The vampires and werewolf’s who do this come across Seishiro and talk normally, yet it’s quickly revealed that he’s betrayed them, or rather had no choice but to betray them. It’s shown that Seishiro’s been bitten and that can only mean one thing, Yuuki won the fight from the previous episode, bit him, and ordered him around. I can assume that he’ll take care of him in the future so he’s not an issue to worry about.

What saddens me quite a bit is when the women stay behind to take care of the vampire’s corpses and seem to be enjoying it, laughing and having a good time whilst also forgetting what germs are as they eat rice balls with blood all over their hands. This is definitely done for a reason, whether it’s to continue the Shiki’s race into the final episode or just to show how empathetic the humans are, we’ll see. At least some of the actual hunters are at least mildly traumatised to show their emotions.

This episode then explains why Seishin tried to kill himself. He had another fake persona of misery and tried to kill himself to get rid of it, it seems like it’s worked. This story shows his troubled and horrible upbringing and how that affected him for later life. This story makes Sunako go to sleep and Seishin and Tatsumi decide to find a way of breaking her out.

In the meantime Masao is running around looking for a place of security and remarks about Megumi chan who’s probably dead in his opinion (Although I’m sure we’ll see her in the final episode) and goes to his old house to ask his sister to let him in. She instead murders him with a baseball bat. It’s a sad ending to his arc and he doesn’t really change much in the grand scheme of things but it makes sense really.

The escaped villager from Tohru and Ricchan returns to the village and reveals the second to last location of the vampire hideout. We see so many shiki die around here and since it’s now morning in the show I’m wondering why none of the vampires really seemed to attack in their huge groups. The final hideout (the underground one) is unexplored but the only one left, I don’t see why these guys couldn’t attack normally and just left the humans to go about their normal business the next day. Anyway they remove the 2nd hideout successfully and theirs now so many humans to vampires that their victory is basically guaranteed especially if they continue with their same brutish efficiency. A vampire win now would be such a twist ending.

A vampire win now looks so desperate that Tatsumi, Sunako and Seishin escape as soon as they realise that they’ve been found out. Tatsumi leaves as a decoy and everyone chases him, letting Seishin and Sunako (who’s in a suitcase) escape. Since all the roads are blocked Seishin takes a cross country route across the forest with Sunako but is found by Toshio and the others who follow him to the temple. They try to hide in the temple (Sunako’s in a suitcase so the light doesn’t go on her) and they kill Seishin’s family. As soon as he realises this he’s spotted and attacked, he wins the fight but he’s bleeding but is able to take Sunako away into the forest to hide her whilst Seishin’s probably murdered.

The most contentious thing with the villagers to me is the human killing which I can’t agree with. They still kill fewer humans than vampires so I like them more but it’s still a bit disturbing to me.

So the only real thing to conclude and finish in the next episode is the events at the last vampire hideout, and what happens to Tatsumi and Sunako. I’d personally want to never know what happens to Sunako because I think the show’s a lot more interesting. So I guess I might actually have to review the next episode! See you in the finale, I’ll be so sad if there’s a giant plot twist now.

Shiki Nikki [21] End

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