Shiki – The Final Hunt [22]

The Final Hunt 25/10/17 3:48 PM

The sun sets on Sotoba village and I felt an immense worry for what would happen, since the vampires are now safer. This happens as soon as Seishin runs away so Sunako immediately gets up and starts looking around, which was sad in my opinion. I thought it would be cool for Sunako to wake up at the end of it to realise she’s the last one left, and potentially end the episode there leaving it to the audiences interpretation to decide what happened.

Sunako finds Seishin and mourns his death but runs away to a temple as soon as she hears shouting and flees to the forest. It’s at this time that the villagers hunting her see a huge fire which is taking over a huge part of the forest. It’s not shown how this fire starts but I know it happens in the specials so if you want an explanation try that. I might talk about them later as well. This fire causes one person only to chase after the girl as she hides in the church which is very close to being on fire.

The man chases her into the village and almost kills her but Seishin kills him to save her, likely because the guy was responsible for the deaths of his family. The man expresses all his grievances for Sunako and this persuades her to just wait in the flames with Seishin as they died together. Since Sunako was mourning Seishin’s death I can only assume that he came back as either a werewolf or shiki straight away.

Let’s talk about why Seishin really doesn’t make sense here in my opinion. He’s a guy who joined the vampires side because of the ways the Shiki were being murdered, even though the Shiki have murdered more. What’s even weirder is that he’d kill one life to save another when he claims to simply hate murder. It shows how much the incidents with the vampires have messed him up as a person and destroyed his sense of morality.

Tatsumi is then shown as he’s chased through the village. He is shot numerous times and falls into a lake but that’s not enough to kill him since his blood supply needs to be cut off.

What I was amazed to see what that Akira was actually alive! Yuuki had apparently saved him even though he was about to be eaten by a vampire right in that place. It could be that he was bitten a few times but never actually died and Yuuki just found him. Anyway he seems to drop Akira off and then leap to chase after Tatsumi as he falls into the river. Then Yuuki and Tatsumi face off against each other as two werewolfs. He manipulates the fight into ending in a pit of bodies the villagers put in there to hide from the fire brigade and uses dynamite to blow both of them up. Crazy.

My biggest problem with this episode was the convenient way everyone seemed to have everything they needed at the right point in time. How could Yuuki have obtained dynamite? Where did the villagers get all their guns from? And why does everyone suddenly have chainsaws? It’s not much of a problem because it was a brilliant episode but it was a little annoying and slightly immersion breaking for a 17 year old kid to somehow obtain dynamite.

Regardless the human’s victory was all thanks to Yuuki and his plan seemed to work splendidly. The fact that he hypnotised Toshio was brilliant to the villagers’ success and it’s what saved more human lives in the end.

Megumi attempts to run away to the city but is blocked by all the villagers who run her over with a tractor. Some of these deaths look gruesome and sad however its worse when I think of the alternative Megumi would do in the rest of society.

Seshiro also decides to kill himself and it’s really strange to learn that he’s actually human. He was in a state of hypnosis from Yuuki (as confirmed by Tatsumi) and it’s sad that he sided with the vampires and paid a price because of it. Yet again he’s complicit with murder so I don’t feel that bad.

Toshio finishes up work with the bodies and fire, giving up chopping down trees with chainsaws for safety. He along with the rest of the villagers decide to flee and they sit on pickup trucks thinking about the previous events. The Shiki were certainly the losers, they all were killed by humans and if they weren’t killed by humans (like the ones underground) they most likely would have died in the fire. That being said the humans didn’t really win either, yes a lot more of them survived but they had their homes ruined and loved ones lost whilst also becoming murders themselves. So they won at a high cost.

And a lot of people like this and a lot of people don’t. What’s brilliant about this show is the human conflicts and blurred lines of good and evil on both sides and it’s a show where many people can draw their own interpretations. I have my own which I can justify strongly to myself however it’s amazing to see the amount of people who disagree with me, and disagree with each other in the comments, which shows the conflict isn’t simply black or white.

When I started reviewing this series I expected a horror show which might scare me a lot. What I got instead was so much better. The aim of this show was to make you think and question both sides of the conflict, to present both sides where neither is truly evil and in such a way that the interpretations can be numerous. You have no idea how much I’ve seen people on either side call the other one stupid and then back it up with a decent argument.

Whilst writing one of the paragraphs in the earlier episodes I wrote my justification for why I liked the humans more, and as I wrote it I realised that my exact reasons could also apply to the vampires as well, and I questioned for a whole lot of time before reaching and digging for a much better argument on the side of the humans. It’s these arguments and concepts that really drive the horror in this show, not through vampires, jump scares or creepily loud music but through sheer ideas and concepts which can really mess your mind up while you think about it.

For the entire month of July I worked on a project called JEARETTAS where I released at least two episode reviews a day. I was happy with nearly all of them yet I’m amazed at the length and intrigue in every episode review I made of the show which continued into even the later episodes. Once you get over the first impressions theirs not really always a lot of thoughts if the show can’t deliver episode after episode, and even at the worst of times this show delivered a whole lot each episode splendidly with all the things I’ve mentioned above.

It’s all these facts combined that makes Shiki the brilliant and effective horror show it is.

Shiki Nikki End

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