Shiki – Deceit [15]

Fifteenth Deceit - 22/10/17 9:28 PM Tohru puts flowers out in front of Yuuki’s grave to mourn his death, this doesn’t compensate for his actions but is a sad touch to the show, even if the moment is wasted in a confusing way at the end of the episode. After Toshio murdering the Shiki Seishin … Continue reading Shiki – Deceit [15]


Shiki – Death [14]

Fourteenth Death – 22/10/17 8:31 PM Last episode really was a tragedy and this episode needed to accomplish a lot to fix it. I wanted more characters I knew in situations I could enjoy, a faster paced story with more advancement of the plot and just things that were actually interesting, that last one is … Continue reading Shiki – Death [14]

Shiki – Tragedy [13]

Thirteenth Tragedy – 22/10/17 7:32 PM This episode was the worst episode so far and probably the only episode of Shiki I would rate a score of 5 or less. Essentially everything which happened was something we either knew already or didn’t care about, and it’s because of the emotional value the show tried to … Continue reading Shiki – Tragedy [13]

Shiki – Slaughter [11]

Eleventh Slaughter - 21/10/17 8:30 PM Most episodes of Shiki are enjoyable to watch and just think about even if they only really focussed on one thing in particular. What made this episode so interesting was the fact that they seemingly introduced one character, explained what her purpose and ideas were, have the rest of … Continue reading Shiki – Slaughter [11]

Shiki – Mourning [10]

Tenth Mourning – 19/10/17 8:18 PM There was something about this episode which made the vampires feel a whole lot less villainous than they used to be and that’s done through showing us the story from their perspective, they’re really evil but I’ve ended up liking some of the vampires, which is something that I … Continue reading Shiki – Mourning [10]