Tsurezure Children Is A Great High School Rom-Com!

I really enjoyed this show from beginning to end. The anime features short skits from a range of couples in a school to present comedic love stories for (almost) every stage in a relationship, making the school feel more integrated and realised than many other shows I’ve seen.

Adapting a series from a 4-koma manga is difficult since you’ll need to make a lot of things up. Having just four panels a chapter can work for comedic purposes but very difficult to adapt to a coherent story which is emotionally engaging. In this regard I believe the show worked very well! Most of the stories were at least a little relatable and the conflicts were often hilarious, sometimes overlapping with other stories making the world feel more fleshed out and bringing new levels of fun and dramatic irony since us as the audience are the only people privy to what’s really going on between everyone. I appreciated this aspect greatly.


I think a huge amount of people could have been disappointed by the show because of the fact that not all of the relationships became real and not everyone got what they wanted in the end. Since these manga’s try and go on forever then I really expected this to happen but it wasn’t entirely disappointing. Some people just take a long time when it comes to things like that and they can’t be rushed since the manga would be over too quickly and it would betray their characterisation of a lonely and shy person. What we got instead was a compelling story from most characters which was built upon by others.

As the show was from many characters perspectives then it’s easy to see how drama could be caused, whether it’s jealousy or simple dislike. I’m glad that the show instead opted to do a more idealised perspective on school since I’m way too used to things like that already! All of the characters were likable and only cartoonish bad in a likable funny way which still endeared you to the character. Whilst jealousy was part of the show it wasn’t one of its main themes which was good since jealous people can be the most annoying people to see a story through.


The only main drawback is the repetitiveness of the scenarios. All of the characters seem to put the idea of a first kiss on a pedestal and most of the stories are focussed around it. This can feel tired sometimes since it’s not really such a big deal and there are much better story arcs available for use. The culture of Japan is different however having all the characters think the same opinion towards one thing is boring even though it’s fun to see how different characters can react.

Anime has a whole lot of tropes within it and that’s often a bad thing, the similarities between characters can really destroy your enjoyment of a show. That’s why this is particularly interesting. Since there are so many different tropes in similar scenarios an enjoyable aspect I found was comparing them and seeing how different tropes react to the same scenario. It’s like a compilation you can watch to see various trope characters on display! And being able to make boring topes interesting is a really high compliment to a show when in actual fact it’s lazy writing, only less lazy writing than everyone else.


I want to share a few of my favourite moments from a show. Two characters who love each other both want to send a confession message at the same time. Only one says to meet them in person and that confessing over text is degenerate and the other actually confesses! It’s a hilarious, cringe moment which was great to watch sort it’s self out because at the end of the day it’s a funny misunderstanding.

There’s a lot of funny stuff like this which the show could only get away with by presenting the show in its format. Its format by the way is 12 minute episodes with a three minute sketch per couple, alternating between many each episode. It’s great because if you hate one couple the next one might be good. In fact a number of people from the opening episodes complete their story arcs towards the beginning and are completely written out! It shows the manga writer doesn’t drag scenarios on longer than they need too and is prepared to drop characters when he’s done with them. After all, it’s a school! Just create another character and say they were in the school all along! And you’ll have to watch the rest to find the other brilliant moments of which there are plenty.


A common failing of high school anime is making the students not involved in the story seem bland and useless, with the most boring uninteresting lives. But by having most side characters also have story arcs this trap is removed. As well as that many other side characters are well and uniquely designed making each person in the student body feel individual and important. In fact by delivering interesting story arcs to some of the most seemingly uninteresting characters (yet making it fun anyway) they become heavily characterised and interesting. I feel like they could have been added to the cast at any moment as soon as they found a romance.

The animation, music and visuals are nothing to write home about and the comedy and stories are very simple. That being said it’s only a short show which I believe is funny, unique and engaging enough to be worth those few hours of your precious time.


4 thoughts on “Tsurezure Children Is A Great High School Rom-Com!

  1. I really enjoyed this show too. I didn’t think I would, since i was assuming that it’d just be full of romance and awkward moments but it was so much more.

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