My Fall 2017 Anime Season Is Completely Empty: Black Clover [2]

Black clover, the new popular shounen anime set to take the world by storm just like previous successes like bleach and fairy tail isn’t something I enjoy, who’d be surprised? It’s a lot more accepted to dislike this show more than the previous discussed because it really isn’t that good and MAL agrees: A 6.69 rating is terrible for something of this popularity. So instead of explaining my perspective I’d rather just explain what went wrong starting with the main character.

Asta is a really terrible protagonist and not just because he’s got an annoying voice and really wants to marry that nun, a lot. After the first couple of episodes what do we really know about our main character? He’s an annoying brat who everyone dismisses because he knows magic? And he has a rival with his friend who’s way better than him as well as a desire to be the wizard king for the sake of it. Even shows like fairly tail succeed in giving motivation to characters despite how terrible it is, giving Natsu a reason to be in fairy tail by it giving him an opportunity to search for his dad occasionally but black clover has other ideas.

Alright so if we don’t like Asta who’s left to root for? His stoic, monotone, overpowered silent friend Yuno who has extremely little characterisation? No, not really, he’s not really given enough attention to form a connection with the audience. So who in the town is left for us to root for and enjoy their story through? Nobody, nobody at all. And these are the early signs that something might not be right in this show.

Even the side characters have the exact same reaction to Asta when he doesn’t initially receive the tomb that everyone else has. Wouldn’t at least a few characters feel sympathy, or silent enjoyment or even a lack of care instead of everyone just laughing?

A huge glaring problem here is the first ever villain to show up who’s lack lustre at best. He’s extreme and crazy with no other nuance behind him and he’s simply used to unlock Asta’s powers along with setting up the next big villain. In my opinion a show with great characters makes everyone, including villains and random side people feel like real people who are the protagonist of their own story. This villain doesn’t feel like that at all and is one note and generic making the main overall villain feel just as bad.

We could learn so much more about the nature of the main villain if the one at the start was at least a little interesting, it just feels like a wasted opportunity overall.

The show clearly made it apparent that any interesting thing or nuance presented would be blatantly shoved into your face to make sure you appreciate anything that could be going on. This was done through the flashback episode which took a whole 20 minutes to explain the thing that we inheritably knew from episode one: the relationship of Asta and Yuno.

And in a world that’s generic and boring. And in a world where the main character will win just because he’s got the most overpowered item coupled with everything mentioned previously I think you’ll understand why I’ve decided to not continue watching this. Next time I’ll probably be talking about some of the sequels coming out this season.

3 thoughts on “My Fall 2017 Anime Season Is Completely Empty: Black Clover [2]

  1. Black Clover: an aggressively boring repetition of tropes in the stupidest, most annoying way possible. Even if it weren’t, I don’t think I could have tolerated Asta. From the first moment, when he confessed to the nun, and kept doing so in rapid succession like he was trying to not lose a fight, instead of just shutting up and accepting her free will to refuse him… well, I wanted to pound him into the dirt myself, right then and there.

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