My Fall 2017 Anime Season Is Completely Empty: Sequels [3]

Let’s talk about two sequels that I’ve seen the first few seasons of and aren’t watching this time because of dislike or simple disinterest: Food Wars and Himouto Umaru Chan-R.

There is a really sad and tragic reason for why I’m not continuing food wars and it’s because of season 2, which sucked, not initially however it got worse and worse as the episodes continued. Towards the end the competition was commencing and every single episode was the exact same where people prepared food and presented it to a judge, that was it for most of the show and it really suffered for it. I had the intention of finishing it so I powered through the boredom until episode 12 where the series was over, only it wasn’t over, there was a thirteenth episode. In a mix of outrage, distaste and tiredness I dropped the show there. On my anime list food wars season 2 is still left at 12/13 because 1. I don’t want to go back and 2. I’ve already seen the episode because it’s identical to everything I’ve seen already, and I don’t really want to continue.

Food wars was a good series in my opinion but just good. Whilst it’s not bad there are better things I’m currently watching which I’d prioritise over this series which is good at best and most recently terrible, it’s not that I don’t even think season 3 will be bad, it’s that season 2 was so bad that I really don’t want to continue watching the franchise.

You can call me petty because of this, and I guess I kind of am, but season 2 completely burned my opinion of the series as a whole to the point where I dislike most people in it. I realised that the show gives so much attention to pointless characters, giving them entire episodes only to try and fail in the arc structure where in reality we all know who’s going to win or get very far. This kind of plot armour makes the show less interesting to watch. It’s annoying how the show says that only 10% of people graduate whilst keeping every single character that matters around.

To be honest a shounen series about cooking is a great idea! I’m just happy to leave it at season one and continue on to something else.


The other show is Himouto Umaru Chan – R which isn’t really too bad and just simply isn’t my kind of show. I really enjoyed the first season to the point where it was one of my favourites and yet I was given the harsh reminder that tastes change overtime. I just don’t find it funny or interesting anymore, the concept of the show was something that I found humour in but now it just feels kind of sad now that I don’t enjoy it as much. And I really don’t want Umaru to change in my mind and want to remember it with fondness, and not disappointment, which is why I’m not continuing with the series. Next time I’ll probably be talking about Ousama game.


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