My Fall 2017 Anime Season Is Completely Empty: Kings Game [4]

There’s more than a few shows this season which has a premise I’m really interested in yet delivers it in a really terrible way which I don’t enjoy. Ousama game is a classic idea of something where the story is much better in your head than put into anime.

So a class of people each receive an order from the king and need to follow it or they’ll die in a terrible and horrible gory way. This was my first problem with the show, it thinks it’s gory, it’s hard to explain this to people who think otherwise but I’ll try anyway. Having aspects of gore doesn’t make a show gory and showing blood or implying death is nothing gory unless it’s shown and not implied. Showing a guy boiling up or implying someone’s hanged themselves or hurt someone really doesn’t feel gory to me even if by definition it is.

My next complaint is that the characters don’t feel realistic or like they’re really suffering through a tragedy and behave in really immature and often stupid ways. Characters beat up other characters on ridiculous assumptions like when the main character didn’t tell them about the game earlier even though they clearly wouldn’t have believed them. And it’s also mind blowing at how quickly people turn on each other for no reason and it really ruins the characters and just makes them feel stupid and annoying.

Because I liked the premise I kept up with this show but the infuriating nature of the characters makes it a nightmare to watch for me. I can’t understand how stupid these characters are being, when the consequences of their actions is death.  Just reverse the scenarios around and imagine how much easier the decision becomes (Just imagine you’ve received this message from the king): Your challenge today is to die, failure to do so will result in you kissing someone in your class. This is why I dislike the characters, because the decisions and treating these conflicts like doing both are equally bad is completely stupid in my opinion.

A lot of my annoyance came from these characters just being uncertain and faffing around when this really shouldn’t be happening. It was the real kicker for making me decide to drop the show in the end. I just can’t stand the incompetence on display.

This brings me to the idea that the game is entirely luck based, or at least initially. If you follow all the orders you will never die but a lot of the orders mean killing other people and it’s really luck based on whether you’re one of the lucky ones who wants to be killed. They talked about the selfishness of people in the game and how you need to betray people to survive however it looks like you need to simply manipulate which is something people aren’t doing in an interesting way which makes them feel like natural real people. I don’t want to see people who are so blatant with their lies or feel so sad about them because it’s really not natural.

Shows are made or broken by the quality of the characters. I like hajime no ippo a lot more than this even though I dislike boxing and it’s because of all the characters which I love.  And that’s why I’m dropping it. Depending on the reception of this series I’ll continue it with more however the main reason for doing this is to explain why I dislike the season and if I don’t think it’s working I might very well move on to something else.


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