Kaiji – The Future Is In Our Hands

In a similar style to Mother’s Basement’s “what’s in an OP?” series I’ve always wanted to talk about anime openings and endings and now here’s my chance with a really brilliant song which is near and dear to my heart: Mirai wa bokura no te no naka.

Have a listen to the OP:

And Here’s The Full Version, have a listen whilst reading!


I don’t really know how to talk about music but the drums and guitar chords come through really well and combined with great interesting vocals it’s a really great listen! Now let’s get into the meaning behind the lyrics in conjunction with the visuals, it’s very short so it shouldn’t take long! By the way my opinions and interpretations aren’t fact!

The opening line “Mirai wa Bokura no Te no Naka” is hype and sets the trend for all the lyrics into the future.It sends a clear message that Kaiji believes the future really is in his hands as the screen is flooded with gambling cards only to have Kaiji stamp them out and completely toss them to the side, representing the power that he feels. Yet the floor vanishes beneath him, pulling him into the deep and dark world of gambling without anything in his control. Setting the mood for a story where the stakes couldn’t be higher and Kaiji can lose despite how strong a position he feels in. The title card then rolled.

The next line “We don’t need anybody’s rules” is sang with Kaiji staring angrily into space while being shaken by the wind, hinting at the difficulty he’ll find trying to achieve his goal and the hardcore determination that he’ll have towards achieving it. Kaiji’s also alone in every single shot of the OP and it demonstrates his strength, isolation and strong desire to win.

Kaiji is then sitting alone in a tree whilst the same line is repeated with rules replaced with Morales. Even though he should be relaxing he can’t help but feel sharp and on edge which shows his relenting nature. The fact that he’s disregarding morals and rules whilst relaxing could elude to the fact that he’s a NEET living in a hopeless situation and desperately trying to escape it. This combined with the opening line portrays Kaiji as a tragic and rotten person who tries to use gambling as a crutch to succeed instead of manually working off his debts.

The school that Kaiji is standing behind is broken down and destroyed reinforcing the line “Don’t need school or cramming” showing that he might not of done so well and it could have contributed to his current situation.

The only real line that shows Kaiji as successful is when it goes “Just gotta get a grip on the truth” telling us what will happen if Kaiji succeeds whilst also  showing that Kaiji needs to work things out to win and shouldn’t go in assuming his victory. Unfortunately Kaiji believes in Luck and momentum and it’s really sad to see him controlled by these unreal feelings.

We are shown a city landscape which Kaiji looks over, he then turns into the camera as if to march for an attack, as the song goes “Not for the sake of crying, we weren’t born for that”. Kaiji thinks he’s inherently able to win and was born for success showing his lack of reality and the possible idea of failure.

We see Kaiji’s potential consequences of defeat: being chased down and taken to forced labor. It establishes the high stakes at every corner for Kaiji even in gambles not strictly associated with the company. We get to see his outrage and horror after being defeated, only to be pushed aside at the end by the end credits showing his lack of thought towards losing and irrational hope for the future. All whilst denying losing as a possibility.

Whilst I really love the song the lyrics are something I find a lot of sadness in as they explore and detail a lot of the flaws in Kaiji’s character. Despite that it’s a brilliant, hype OP which sums up the nature of the characters and the stakes involved in the show. It’s definitely worth a listen, something you could have done already if you hit the play button whilst reading this!

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