Shiki – The Forgotten Episodes

The title of “Shiki specials” can be deceiving on my anime list because these episodes are just ones that didn’t air, ones that were forgotten, kind of. Before discussing the episode (20.5) I’ll have to give a spoiler warning because this episode actually destroys one of the most ambiguous parts of the show so if you don’t want to know about any of the mysteries then I wouldn’t read this post.

This whole episode focuses on the vampires who were underground and their encounters with the humans. So yeah, the biggest and most interesting mystery about the show is kind of ruined. The knowledge of what happened to the underground Shiki and did they spread out and run away is basically answered. So let’s talk about what happened.

So a team of people who were sent to take out the vampires underground search the sewers. It wasn’t really made clear in the original show what happened here or if a search party had even been sent but I guess it makes sense that people would go even if the main leader was shot with a rifle. The characters we see searching obviously aren’t any of the main ones however they’re well designed and feel unique enough that they could have been in the actual show if the series called for it.

So they go and explore the sewers, and the normal murder fest ensues. Most of the vampires are sleeping there so it’s made very easy but night time happens and theirs a few casualties.  You’ve heard most of these kinds of things before if you’ve read the other posts so I’ll keep it to the most interesting things I don’t think I’ve brought up before.

A guy holds a cross up to a vampire and they don’t attack. What made me think it was interesting was the idea that every vampire story breaks the rules of vampires at least once, it’s just a saying I’ve heard. Most vampire shows break a lot of rules like sunlight or fear of crosses and holy water because it adds to the horror and Shiki really didn’t do that. So does the phrase still apply? Well I think it fails most in the creation of vampires and the fact that werewolf’s are made by Shiki which is never really a thing. As well as that the show breaks so many rules about werewolves as well!

Another thing which really disturbed me was when a guy was bitten and then murdered by his friends who were understandably worried. This made me realise just how ill-informed everyone was about the Shiki and how poor of a job Toshio probably did in communication, to be fair he did great at making the village angry so I can’t criticise him too much. If a victim is bitten and doesn’t die they will survive if the vampire doesn’t come back, that’s how it works, and it’s just sad to see normal people die at the hands of other normal people for no good reason.

Once the vampires lose the fight they retreat further and we see Nao, one of the more prominent characters whose arc wasn’t completely wrapped up, suffer from hallucinations and regret that her family never rose as Shiki. And it’s really easy to empathise with her pain. As they run they reach a dead end and the vampires are forced to continue into the tunnels. Nao’s suffering slows them down resulting in all of the vampires being captured. But the villagers have a problem that they’ve ran out of steaks.

To compensate for this all of the vampires are dragged out of the tunnels alive and left to die in the sunlight, it’s horrible to watch and whilst I do side with humans it feels bad that we have to be this ruthless to survive. A villager takes pity on them, eventually stabbing all of them to death as they die to prevent them from suffering.

So that’s what happened to the vampires. They all died unless the last forgotten episode changes something. The ambiguity was ruined at the cost of a great episode which is something I don’t mind since the mystery was never that big in my opinion. So this was another great episode from an already great series, it’s well worth the watch if you liked Shiki!

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