Berserk – Put Your Grasses On, waiting for so long

Berserk’s opening is brilliant and since I’ve been discussing several OP’s recently I thought I’d talk about it!

Here it is:

A claim that people often make is that the OP doesn’t fit in with the rest of the show and I couldn’t disagree more. To me the music is hype to represent all the cool parts of the show, the adventure and fighting whilst the ED represents the depressing and dark parts. They balance quite well and the music matches the early parts of the story really well. I skip the OP normally anyway so it really doesn’t bother me too much.

We start with a shot of Guts which zooms out in fragments to a moment where his skin starts burning up, showing his troubled, tragic past and nature as a lonely mercenary.  It may also foreshadow the future catastrophic events which happen to him. Despite this he’s able to draw his sword later showing the adventure he embarks on and his undying quest for purpose and fighting.

The next shot shows the scene of Gut’s birth, yes he was born in a tree with many hanged people on it. I find it strange that this scene takes place at the same time as “Even mother will show you another way” because it obviously shows that Guts’ mother is hanging there and he’s left deserted in the world. It could be ironically saying that Guts is the complete opposite to this line or that his wish for a dream is so desperate that any help from the grave will be appreciated.

He is staring out from a cliff top overlooking the world before jumping down ready to fight, with blood slashing at the floor and a flower burning up, which could represent Guts’ loss of purity and childhood innocence from a very young age.

We’re then treated to a series of images which show Guts at various stages in the show. Strangely the one in which he’s most happy is when he’s clearly just been cut in combat. The fact that instead of pain he feels happiness, more than he felt in any other context shows both his strength and insane love for fighting.

I could be interpreting the final scene wrong however (spoilers) I feel like it might be from when he leaves the band of the hawk and from Griffiths perspective. The darkness around him and Guts’ illumination can represent Griffiths view of the character as he strongly cares about him and sees in him a very fond way, and is therefore left with complete darkness when he’s gone. In fact if this interpretation is true them the whole OP could be Griffith looking at Guts but that might be pushing it a little.

The ED is also pretty good! Here it is!

This Ed is probably what people think about more when they contemplate the general themes of Berserk, and it’s really cool and catchy as well!

It’s just a series of images of band of the hawk members but I think it was a great choice to include Guts at the very end instead of next to Griffith and Casca. This presents these two as fairly equal (for the most part) instead of having a power struggle. Was Griffith shown at the start because he’s the most powerful or was Guts shown at the end because he’s the most important to the story? I think the series may just have the members in the order they joined up with the band of the hawk, and maybe I’m reading too much into this.


I will now move on to the lyrics and anything that caught my attention!

“Put your grasses on, nothing will be wrong” – This has become a meme and I can see why, it sounds pretty funny. The Japanese don’t pronounce L’s really so the line is really “Put your glasses on” Which most people could guess anyway… This line refers to the idea that the characters don’t see very well and need metaphorical glasses to get their way through all the nightmarish scenarios.

So when it says “Tell me what, tell me what, tell me what you want.” who could by saying that line and who could they be saying it too? Well from the fact that Guts is the only character from the OP I can assume that it might be directed at Griffith. After all we’ve got the speck of light at the end, and the fact that he’s the only person who the “too late” line could apply too.

So for the ED theirs another question similar to this. From whose perspective is it from? The fact that it’s got a female voice actor makes me think it’s Casca and it makes a lot of sense. So who’s she singing about? I think it’s both Guts and Griffith for the following reasons. The phrase “What is trying in your crown” could only apply to Griffith who wants the crown and the phrase “Take the moonlight by the tail, it’s a raining sight you’re shading” can only apply to Guts since Griffith is very headstrong and focused towards achieving his dream yet Guts needs a little motivation.

“I’m waiting so long” also applies to both of the members, on one day Casca tragically loses two of her most loved companions. One who leaves and one who can’t handle it and it seems like this whole song could be about her desire to get back with both of them.

Or I could be reading way too much into this whole thing! Either way thank you for reading!

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