The Casca Misconception – 12 Days Of Anime Christmas Day 2

Welcome to the second day of the 12 days of anime Christmas! It’s a post series where I talk about some of the most interesting things or best moments from the anime I watched in 2017 to celebrate the year! Luckily there happens to be 12 months in a year and 12 days of Christmas and what post series do I do every month where I talk about things I enjoyed from that month? Yeah so this should be pretty easy… except that it’s not. I kind of never plan for challenges like this so when I discuss my favourite parts of the year I’ve kind of already written about them, this is just like the 30 days of anime challenge oh no! Alright I’m just going to try and talk about things I’ve missed from my favourite shows that are just really cool or emotional.

(Spoilers for the golden age arc of Berserk) Also if you are easily disturbed I wouldn’t read further.

Despite writing a million posts about Berserk in February there was one important character that I missed – Casca. She is a brilliant character with a twisted backstory yet brilliant nature in the show. But after the end of golden age arc many people’s attitudes changed towards her and the general opinion shifted. And it’s very easy to see why.

Her characterisation can be split into two sections before and after the eclipse. Before she was a headstrong warrior, a fierce tactician and the woman who put her love for Griffith aside so that he can raise in power.

But after the eclipse she loses everything and becomes a weak shell of her former self, made to forget everything and behave in strange ways, and obviously people don’t like it. But these people are clearly missing something and that’s the purpose of the author. Miura really liked the old casca and obviously wouldn’t want to do that to his character if he didn’t have to. Whilst Miura likes his violence and shock horror moments but he’s not the kind of person to simply throw all that work away for no reason. It all means something and is leading up to something big.

Everything terrible done to Casca was done to make Griffith look worse, and it really, really worked. Because I consider there to be two Griffiths as well, one is Femto – a monster and the other is the masterful scheming tactician role model whose platonic love of Guts tragically drove him to insanity. This distinction is made clear through the treatment of Casca.

I know it’s a bit weird to have my first Christmas anime moment involve the rape of casca but it’s the emotional and tragic consequences that follow which make it so significant since it not only serves to show the difference between the two Griffiths but it also shows his power.

As a god he is strong and overpowering and has the power to transform an extremely strong person into a scarred mess in mere moments. The sadness of Casca’s character is also shown further by the fact that she seems to be drawn to Griffith and it’s not nice to see at all.

But the misconception is that Casca is simply worse now, people tend to state this and forget the significance of the statement and her past and what it shows about the twisted villains of Berserk.  So this tragic moment that people constantly forget about is my moment for the first day of anime Christmas, great.

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