Identity Theft – 12 days of anime Christmas day 3

Sorry about the dark and difficult themes discussed on the previous day, at least for day ten we’re covering a fun light hearted subject: Identify theft! Oh wait…

One of my favourite parts of the year was binge reading a manga called pretty face. Basically a guy is in a terrible bus crash and is announced dead; however he’s actually alive and gets his entire face remade after the accident. The issue is that the reference material used was a picture of the girl he has a crush on so the guy now has his crush’s face, that’s not weird at all!

Another thing that happens is that he pretends to be his crushes long lost twin sister Yuna, and lives with his crush whilst pretending to be her sister. And believe it or not this is a comedy!  By making the impersonation feel trivial a lot of brilliant comedy moments are created!

Such as the time where he gets a suit to give her much more realistic breasts and when it’s revealed all the girls in the school want to know where to get one! What about when the doctor pretends to give him his face back but reveals that he’s actually still the same! Alright the moments might not be that great but there are a lot of enjoyable and engaging scenes which will surprise you and make you laugh at their sheer absurdity.

But the stakes are raised to higher place than ever at the very end!

(I know a joke about this: I went to the butchers and said “I bet you £10 you can’t reach those two pieces of meat up there” he replied with “I’m afraid I can’t; the steaks are too high”. Thank you Tim Vine.)

The real Yuno shows up and finds out what happens, in fact she’s surprised that her sudden appearance doesn’t feel surprising at all for her family. So when she finds out the news how do you think she reacts? I bet you’d never guess.

We are plunged into a 20 chapter long political law suit where she sues him for millions. Oh wait that would make too much sense. She (spoilers) is actually completely fine with it and allows it to continue! She says it’ll make the family happy so she’s fine with it.

You just have to wonder what kind of brilliant mind the writer has to create something as strange as this and turn it into a comedy. I get the feeling that anime fans are used to crazy things to the extent that they’ve become numb too it but even so!

Anyway you should definitely read pretty face if you haven’t already, it’s short, funny and an all-round good time before Christmas!


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