K-On! In London! – 12 Days of Anime Christmas Day 4

One of my favourite films I watched this year was the K-on movie, where the cast went on an end of year trip to London! And it was really great to see the characters in a city I’ve visited often, since it’s a pretty nice place!

One thing that I forgot before the film started was how great the cast is. It’s really easy to overlook them due to their moe aesthetic and jolly nature but they really are a joy to watch. They have such a strong bond and chemistry with each other that it’s difficult to stop watching.

The theme of friendship may be overused in anime but it’s rare to see it done so well. The four main characters Yui, Mugi, Ritsu and Mio are all in the same year but they have to leave Azusa behind who’s in the year bellow them. To celebrate their time together they fly off to England and sing a song about their love for Azusa. Paying attention to these lyrics almost always makes you cry and it’s a very fun time. These characters practice and put lots of effort into demonstrating their friendship and they payoff is massive.

So let’s discuss some of my favourite parts of the film!


One of funniest moments was when they got their turtle to choose their holiday location. The idea of leaving your fate for a week up to a turtle is really funny to me! In the end the turtle choses somewhere in Europe so they end up going with London since Yui wanted to go there anyway.


Thanks to a massive failure in Japanese to English translation the characters end up being forced into performing in front of people for their food. It’s great to see the cast sing their music but the confusion was made even worse when it turns out they’d taken the place of their friend by sheer coincidence!


Another great moment was the confusion of where people went at their hotel! When Azusa leaves Yui gets worried that she’s vanished and returns to the other room to ask for help, the only issue is that at the same time Yui enters Azusa leaves, causing Azusa to have the same reaction and a loop to begin where everyone is searching for everyone. It’s confusion and comedy like this that can just effortlessly make me laugh!


And of course the best part of the film was the section at the end where they sang the song they’d been making for Azusa and it’s a really moving moment. Listening and paying attention to the lyrics made me tear up and really appreciate the relationship that the entire K-on class has.

While it’s not a perfect film and has some boring sections and an initial feeling of wanting the plot to progress faster it’s a good experience overall!

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