My Anime List – 12 Days of Anime Christmas Day 5


Look at that! A Wallpaper from my post is on the main screen of the anime tag for everyone to see! I’ve got no idea why the WordPress algorithm put it there but I’m glad it did. Anime should be shown to be just for one day alongside celebrities like rap monster! Oh well it’s not the best photo but I’m not complaining.

This image is from the 1 day of anime challenge and I’ve done a few more challenges which are actually difficult, like JEARETTAS, Shiki and now this! But at the start of the year I remember being tempted by a certain challenge, the MAL 2017 challenge, where you have to watch very specific shows. I actually decided to leave this challenge behind with the thought that I’d probably do most of it anyway over the course of a year, so let’s see how it went! Please follow along to see how much of the challenge you’ve completed by accident as well! Also I don’t normally do MAL challenges anyway because I don’t like trying to work out how the forum works.

Here was my card


And this was my pattern:


So this is the pattern I have to achieve but if I get a lot then I’ll consider that a win anyway.

  1. “Watch a completed anime with more users in plan to watch than completed” Great, that’s not going to be hard to look for! My first idea was legend of the galactic heroes season 1, which turned out to have that so I’ve got one down!
  2. “Chose a random trope from TV tropes…” Alright I never look at TV tropes so this can’t have happened.

01 “Watch a stand-alone OVA or ONA” Oh I can’t use legend of the galactic heroes for this since it has so many movies! But I can think of a show I watched called Junk Boy, I even did a review of it during JEARETTAS!

12 “Watch an anime made by a person in the top 50 MAL people” This is hopefully an easy one, in fact I don’t need to check, I’ve watched tonnes of Miyazaki films and I’m sure he’s up there.

04 “Watch a music anime” I literally wrote a K-on! Post yesterday!

25 “Watch an anime with 50 episodes or more” This is actually an easy one if you don’t count actually completing it, but I just remembered that I watched Saiki Kusuo which has 120 4 minute episodes.

24 “Watch an anime with 33 episodes or more” Well I may need to choose another one since Saiki Kun is taken! Oh man, how could I forget watching Hajime no Ippo? There you go, 75 episodes long!

02 “Watch a movie” I’m going to use Ninja Scroll here, it was just a really fun time with great fights.

45 “Watch an anime combining you least favourite and most favourite genres” I can’t conclusively say what my favourites are, but the combination of harem and comedy with Masamune Kun’s revenge is a pretty close contender.

23 “Watch an anime with 22 episodes or more” So Kaiji ultimate survivor has more episodes than this, it’s a great show so I’ll use that.

62  “Watch an anime that hasn’t been reviewed on MAL” After searching through a lot of anime on MAL I found the Thermae Romae specials which currently have no reviews. I won’t forgive you if you make one!

59 “Watch an anime recommended in this thread” Unfortunately I didn’t do that.

54 “Watch an anime tagged as mystery, psychological or thriller” I think Serial Experiments Lain definitely counts as psychological.

Free – Nice

46 “Watch a gourmet, Super hero or magical girl show” I’m going to use MHA here

06 “Watch an anime related to something you’ve previously watched” so I’ll use Kaiji season 2 for this.

30 “Watch an anime adapted from a web manga, digital manga, or 4 coma manga.” Tsurezure children was from a 4 coma manga so I’ll use that.

44 “Watch an anime that mainly takes place outside of Japan” Well I can use a lot of fantasy shows for this but I assume it wants the show to just be set in another country, so I think I’ll use the professor Layton film, Layton has always been British.

64 “Watch an anime with a synopsis by MAL rewrite” Little Busters, the first on I clicked on was written by MAL rewrite.

51 “Watch an anime tagged with romance, drama or slice of life” Mysterious Girlfriend X definitely counts for at least two of these.

55 “Watch an anime tagged as mecha, military or police” I’m going to use Inferno cop here, it’s a brilliant show.


And there you go so did I win the challenge? I think I did! All the requirements that appeared were shows that I watched and the only ones I failed on were to do with the MAL forums; something that I don’t go on and it’s a place big enough that I’m 100% sure I could find a show that fitted the requirements.

Thanks for reading! It was really fun to look at the whole year in a way such as this; I hope you got something out of it. Next year I might actually do the challenge properly, openly looking for shows to fit the requirements!


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