Looking Back On Squid Girl – 12 Days Of Anime Christmas Day 6

Squid Girl used to be one of my favourite anime’s, and I wanted to write my first blog post explaining why, needless to say that never happened because I found it such a struggle to write. The best I ever got to describing my thoughts was a few paragraphs in a notebook I happened to find whilst cleaning. So let’s take a look, and see why it used to be my favourite!

“My favourite anime is squid girl! Why? It’s not like I haven’t seen many shows, it’s hard to justify why when I have shows like these on my anime list. (The intention was to display more shows which were consensually good)

Part of my enjoyment for anime is when a series subverts expectations in some way. That’s why I liked Gakkou Gurashi! So much. So when an anime that I think will be stupidly bad turns out to be something that I like, it makes the enjoyment even better. Somehow watching a show thinking that it will be bad makes me enjoy it more (when it’s good) than a show that I already thought would be good!

Actually all of my favourites on my anime list are shows that I thought wouldn’t be good at a first glance. This isn’t saying that all bad looking shows are good, just that it’s worth trying different things.

Squid girl was one of those things. Somebody asked me to give them a random anime recommendation so I pressed randomize on the crunchyroulette and got this show. That was my first ever exposure to the show, I never realised it was decently popular, so I thought it was a bad dumb show. I mean I was half right. Squid girl is dumb.

The 3 stories in an episode structure really lets any random scenario go by and their all funny. It’s amazing how so many dumb stereotypical characters can make me laugh in any situation. What’s weird is how predictable the show was. Once the situation has been established I’m able to guess most of the jokes before they happen. Yet it’s still funny. Actually I want to say that for this show it’s somehow more funny.”

I had plans to go further, taking about each individual character dissect predictable scenes to try and show how they were made funny anyway. I believe that on a technical level this piece may be closer to my current writing, even though there were many mistakes I spotted thanks to reading with fresh eyes. I’m sure if I went back to some of my old posts they’d read a little like this for me and it saddens me slightly.

So let’s talk about the structure of the post. In my opinion one of the most important things is how your piece is structured. Something that immediately puts me off a piece of writing is repetition, irrelevance and dragging the points out. It’s when I look at factors like this that I can really criticise what I wrote.

Having a description of how my opinion changed, and how that enhanced the viewing experience isn’t really a great way to open in my opinion.  If you imagine the context in which a reader would view it can only serve to bore them. If you’re reading a post about squid girl you can be put into three categories: A person who doesn’t know anything about the anime and is reading to find out more; A person who already thinks it’s bad and will be there to either disapprove or try to understand your perspective or a person who thinks the show’s good and wants to hear why. I’m going to explain each one in detail because this is a serious issue that makes me dislike a lot of reviews.

A person who wants to find out more will immediately think that it’s looked down upon to be a fan of the series when instead I should be explaining why it hooked me so well. Not only does it not leave a good impression, but the reader may also think that it wouldn’t be nearly as good unless you enjoyed it in the specific circumstance. It sounds like I’m worried of receiving criticism for my taste by explaining it away like this, instead of explaining using the shows merits.

Whilst a person who thinks it’s already bad and wants to criticise you (I’ll be using you to refer to me in the past) will be less severe they are still far away from understanding the shows appeal.

The fan of the show that’s already there to see how good it is might feel bad for liking it legitimately, or even worse feel let down that you’re not providing new angles to enjoy the show with!

I do have a few more structural and general issue with this but I think I’ll leave it there. I feel like I can’t criticise the post without at least trying to write something better by myself. That’s why I’m introducing a challenge within this challenge! On the 7th day of Christmas how much better can I do in a restricted amount of time, let’s say 35 minutes! See you then!


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