School Days – A rant that never came – 12 Days of Anime Christmas Day 8

One of the posts that I look back on most frequently is something I made at the start of the year called “Where I’m going in 2017”, in which I set myself goals to try and achieve before 2018 starts or just ideas that I’d like to do. What really interested me was the change of opinion I had on the series school days.

One of my main goals was to make a huge rant about how terrible school days was, and really dig into the show in depth. While I’ve made other school days posts, one being a set up to a review that never happened and thus doesn’t make sense at all, I was never able to critique it to the extent that I would have liked, it’s kind of a shame I didn’t discover the episode review format! Looking at my old notes though, I didn’t actually have that much to say.

(Also spoilers for school days)

This school days rant is never going to come. The reason for that is that I think the show’s good now that I look back on it. That’s because it truly made me sad like no anime ever has.

I’ve seen sad anime before, ones that many people use the phrase “You will cry” for and I cannot get into them, care for the characters or even find interest in the scenarios. To me school days is what a sad anime is, not your high school melodrama slice of life shows such as clannad, your lie in april and sakuraso. I don’t think anyone’s emotions whilst watching school days were anything like the shows above. Yes people wouldn’t call them sad shows or shows to cry too if they weren’t extremely happy or sad in places but I doubt that they could create such a dark and depressing mood consistently throughout the show.

Not that everyone would have felt this way about school days, it was just a terribly sad experience for me, and if anything I’d be writing a series analysing why the show works to create it’s mood so well.

Why would anyone want this experience? To me it’s kind of like horror films. I don’t really understand why anyone would want to go through an experience specifically made to scare them just for the sake of it, but I do understand this. The sadness of the school days story makes it feel so much more tragic, so much more real and altogether more powerful of a narrative due to its impact.

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