Christmas Anime – 12 Days of Anime Christmas Day 9

Let’s actually talk about Christmas this time! I had plans to discuss a lot of Christmas shows this month by googling shows to watch at Christmas but I ran into one huge problem: none of them were about Christmas except the ones that were bad. Most of them just couldn’t hook me very well at all except for one.

Itsudatte My Santa is only 2 episodes long so I was able to watch the entire thing. It wasn’t brilliant however I feel like it was made with the kind of cringey love and passion only possible in Christmas anime’s such as this.

Our protagonist has the unfortunate name of Santa since he was born on Christmas eve, and he has to spend Christmas alone since he has no friends or family to talk too. But the real Santa has other ideas.

It’s near possible for mere mortals like us to understand the miracles that Santa can perform on Christmas, but this show at least tries to explain how it’s possible. There are many, many Santa’s who are all delivering presents at once all with different levels of training. How is it possible to use magic to create presents or have undetected flying reindeers? If any of you see Santa be sure to tell me! But the fact that not many people have testimonies of Santa such as Santa from the show makes me almost think I’m insane.

So one of the real Santa’s appears to Santa and tells him that she’ll make him happy just for one night. At first I thought I was watching a hentai however as the episode continued it soon became clear that she’d be fixing his life together.

Despite all this it is confirmed that Santa loves Santa and the show becomes a small love story where the two people fall in love. So if that sounds like something you’d like to see at Christmas then be sure to check it out!




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